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Trumans Water • Trigger Cut • Fleuves Noirs • Dead Sentries

obnoxious ouroboros

(San Diego – California)
The Water took shape in ’91, when the Fender-bending brothers Branstetter hooked up with singer-guitarist-catalyst Glen Galloway; soon San Diego had a rollicking avant-rock angle to its music scene in TW, the kind of band that, say, could righteously open for/tour with the Boredoms or Stereolab (Trumans did). But after their self-made albums Of Thick Tum, Spasm Smash, the Godspeed tetralogy and numerous singles had sent their sounds worldwide, Glen exited to marry, concentrate on his Holy Spirit-stoked Soul-Junk group and stay in SD as Trumans continued touring, eventually moving to Oregon. What amazed many was how quick a study then-bassist Kevin B. proved to be when Glen G. passed on lead vocal and co-guitar-ing duties. Empowered, the younger Branstetter picked up the torch, carrying it still. From time to time, Galloway would return as a guesting full member to augment Trumans albums.
Trumans Water never really went away. But the veteran American spazz-rock/squiggle-core group’s live shows have been rare in recent years (outside of the Pacific Northwest, that is.) TW has become increasingly more obscure as well, relatively unknown to untold pods of younger blog-rockin’ folk sharp-eared discerners, who might well luv TW were they to know TW still deemed legendary by those who, a) remember Trumans’ halcyon days in America’s early/mid-90s guitar-rock underground;
b) recall the life-altering praise from abroad, with the late great all-time tip-top good-taste-making radio
DJ John Peel championing them over international airwaves, and the Melody Maker making this pithy 1993 assessment: Sonic freaks with a lust for life, Trumans Water make Pavement sound like U2. TW has continued, doing it all even with key co-founding brothers living miles apart: lanky guitarist-vocalist Kirk Branstetter in Portland, Oregon, where the band relocated in 1995 (they formed in San Diego in 1991); and savvy vox/gtr/bass/etc. guy Kevin Branstetter, who married French and lives south of Paris w/ wife and offspring (and is known to offer pro road/liaison services for indie/outie music types touring lEurope).
Trumans is rounded out by versatile bassist/veteran cohort Mike Coumatos (also known as 50% of fine ongoing Portland party-rock duo the Bugs) and drumming dynamo Geoff Soule (of Fuck and Sad Horse). The TW identity has remained: the ever-active, wildly clawing, rough-toned brace of guitars; the sour-sweet sing-shout screech-croon ‘n’ power-yowl; the explosive rhythms, herking here and jerking there, none too predictable anywhere. And some fun sound-play with thoughtfully goofin’ verbiage.
TW has been recording over the past years but not releasing anything. They are currently assembling some of those songs for release previous to tour. What’s more, Trumans is planning to catch up any interested parties in coming months by digitally re-releasing the 1st four elusive albums of the Trumans Water discography. Their coming tour will be a celebration of those first four albums along with new material.

(Stuttgart – Germany)
Trigger Cut are hard hitting to say the least. The drums pack an intense energy behind the high guitar tones which allow for the bass to really punch through. The result is a sound dealing nothing but brute force without the need for any over-engineering and a uniquely raw punk rock experience. The rough and ready vocals perfectly round off the resounding tension with only small doses of any form of melody.

(Lille – France)
Fleuves Noirs is an experience of collective madness in a form of a great tribal ritual. The dance is led by a tribal beat with incantory and hallucinated vocals, all leading to an inevitable chaos. Fleuves Noirs performances are like an Ayahuasca ritual, they don’t leave anyone unscathed.

(Berlin – Germany)
Minimalistic. Ritualistic. Hypnotic. Dead Sentries play edge of your seat, noisy, outsider punk rock. Focusing on mesmerising rhythms, pulsating basslines and discordant, razor sharp guitar, Dead Sentries are brash and compelling. The music swaggers, struts and swings. The sound is visceral and primal.

presale (in 3 simple steps):
1. send 15€ per person to obnoxiousouroboros@googlemail.com via paypal (AS FRIENDS!)
2. include the date of the show and the full name of each ticket purchaser and print the paypal transaction
3. you can then enter the show by just showing the printed paypal transaction at the door

presale ends friday october 11th 18:00
limited to 250 spots!
18€ at the door

spread the gospel, invite your grannies, join the madness & turn off your mind!

⊙ smash racism, sexism, genderism, homophobia, nationalism, fascism, drugism, religionism, lookism, borders (on the maps & in the minds), genres, scenes, image, trend, hype & any other brainwashit ⊙


A MAZE. Nights


Wed 25th of April
Der Warst (DE)
Crows Crows Crows (DE)
Belly Button (FR)
Debmaster (DE)
Meduusa (FI)

Thu 26th of April
Mount Venus (BE)
Manu Louis (FR)
Batlord (DE)
Grizzly Cogs (BE)

Fri 27th of April
Ed Vielante (UK)
KuonaKonna (FI)
1manbandgod (FR)
CatNapp (AR)
Chipzel (IR)
Mr Manic (US)
DJ Storno (DE)

Sa 28th of April
Adam Hay (UK)
Infecticide (FR)
Tout est Beau (FR)
Ben Rausch (SA)

Wonderful times!
Your A MAZE. team!

For more infos about the full program on www. amaze-berlin.de

A MAZE. / Berlin 2018 Warm up Party

A MAZE. / Berlin 2018 Warm up Party :

Halfway of the production of the A MAZE. / Berlin 2018 in April 25.-29 we invite you to a warm up party with live performances, dj sets and amazing game installation and vr experience!

Music line up:
Retrigger (BR)) live
Debmaster (F) live
WR2OLD (INT) Dj set

more tba

For more infos regarding the festival please visit: www.amaze-berlin.de or A MAZE.!

Twitter: www.twitter.com/AMazeFest

A MAZE. is a label about independent – alternative games, digital arts and playful media. Combining the joy of experimenting and gaming A MAZE. celebrates the convergence of computer games and art. Giving artists, designers, researchers and whizzes a platform not only to communicate, express ideas, learn from one another and to experiment together playfully, but also to reveal the creative potential behind this ambivalent medium in general.

A MAZE. / Berlin 2017 Festival Opening

/ opening / exhibition / music /

18:00 – 00:00

(free entrance for festival ticket holder, pick up at designated area)

A MAZE. / Berlin 2017
6th International Independent Games and Playful Media Festival
April 26 to 29, 2017

A MAZE. / Berlin brings together international independent game developers, digital creatives and game enthusiast in Berlin. A MAZE. / Berlin is also a public festival with an mind-blowing music lineup, an hand selected exhibition of experimental independent videogames, virtual reality experiences and interactive installations.

Opening speech by Thorsten S. Wiedemann, director of A MAZE.

Music performances by:

Sos’s Various Artists Red Firetruck, PL
Flashback Future Disco Helsinki, FI
Rocky B., IL
Silkersoft, DE
Demoscene Time Machine, UK (tbc)

The public exhibition consists out of over 60 digital exhibits including the Special A MAZE. Showcase, The Brain – VR installation, Pop Up Games, Open Screens, More VR selection and the 25 nominees and 10 Honorable Mentions of the A MAZE. Awards 2017!

A MAZE. / Berlin is funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and part of International Games Week Berlin.

For more infos about program and ticketing: www.amaze-berlin.de

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A MAZE. / Berlin 2017 – 6th International Independent Videogames and Playful Media

A MAZE. / Berlin 2017 – 6th International Independent Videogames and Playful Media – April 26 – 29, 2017

2 days of artistic and experimental VR / AR talk and workshop track

Bling Award Categories!

Festival website including calls and news on: www.amaze-berlin.de

Get your tickets for A MAZE. / Berlin 2017 already now: https://amazeberlin2017.eventbrite.de/

Submit for the A MAZE. Awards 2017: https://award.amaze-berlin.de/

A MAZE. / Berlin is an international platform for unique and experimental games, playful media, interactive digital art and other realities that invites professionals and creatives from various fields to exchange their knowledge and visions, presenting their projects, playing and forming contacts to collaborate on future projects. You can expect three days of inspiration, skill, celebration and play.

Raw festival schedule:
– Official festival opening (Apr 26)
– Conference:
2 days Independent Videogames Conference (Apr 27/28)
2 days Other Realities (VR/ AR) Conference (Apr 28/29)
– Workshops (Apr 27/28/29)
– A MAZE. Awards 2017 (April 28)
– Exhibitions (Apr 26/27/28/29)
– Night program:
Music and AV live performances, party (Apr 26/27/28/29)
– VR Jam / Berlin Mini Jam (Apr 29)

more tba!

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Produced/ Organized by: A MAZE.

A MAZE. / Berlin is funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and part of the framework “International Games Week Berlin”.

Funded by:

Event Partners:

Amazing X-M4rk3t Vol. 002

After last year’s success, the AMAZING X-M4RK3T returns to Urban Spree for a second edition on Sunday, December 4th, 2016.

The AMAZING X-M4RK3T is a Christmas market for the digital age with workshops, geek vendors, VR exhibition, music & food.


Powered by Europe’s premier indie video games festival AMAZE., the market is a place where you can warm your cold hands on hot circuits and blowing GPU fans, where you find mysterious objects from the depth of NET and other fabricated paraphernalia of connected madness: 3d-printed characters, home-brewed experimental videogames, DIY synths, 4 dimensional board games, digital toys, robots, hacked software on worn out USB sticks, collections of love songs for your cyberboyfriend, wearables, implants, postcards from VR, magazines, tiny pieces of paper with unknown URLs, fanzines, comics, illustrations, paintings, books, clothes and food.



-12:00 Projection Mapping with the Raspberry Pi.

Info and registration here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfLo4fyHOd8GMgxvnpz4023BhwpMTX4lh2IFPI2v1owmzs42w/viewform?c=0&w=1

14:00 DIY synth making with LeafAudio .


Info and registration here: http://leaf-audio.com/workshop/108_diy-synth-workshop_berlin/en/menu_id:57



Numode Custom Lego Building Sets

-YAIR KIRA 3D printed christmas goodies on spot

-Fab Lab Berlin

-Laser cut jewelry creations by Marika Graczyk


-@aaartgames presents: Spektrum Crush Zine and Virtual Afterlife Performance Project



Exploding Shed DIY synth kits

-3D printed necklaces by Clit-O



//Videogame and Virtual Reality Exhibition

Curated experiences- A MAZE. style



15:00 Live: piano performance by Liburn Jupolli

Liburn Jupolli is an Albanian musician from Kosovo. From the age of 12 he began to compose and to study music theory and composition taking private lessons in parallel with piano studies. Finished primary and high school of music in piano studies and 2 years of composition with prof. Zeqiria Ballata at the University of Prishtina. Since 2004 he has written music for theater, film,animation, visual and conceptual productions in the Balkans, and has written works for instrumentalists and ensembles from Kosovo and abroad. He also works on design and remodeling of new instruments, and since 2010 he finished in 5 original instruments. Continued studies in composition in Paris at the “Jacques Ibert” Conservatory in the class of Stéphane de Gérando and electroacoustic composition at the CRR de Paris in the class of Denis Dufour. Currently he is in Master studies at CRI-Centre de Recherche Interdiciplinaire in Paris. 

-DJ set by Basco



-Audio cooking performance by The Singing Kitchen at 12:30


-Fresh waffles


FB Event

Date: Sunday December 4, 2016,
Time: 12:00-20:00
Location: Urban Spree, Revaler Str. 99, Friedrichshain, Berlin
Entrance fee: 3 Euro (Kids under 6 for free)