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Broken Fingaz Crew: From Berlin to Mexico

Shortly after leaving Urban Spree, Berlin, and their month-long residency, the Broken Fingaz Crew found a new home in Mexico, invited by the animation festival CutOutFest. There, they relentlessly worked 10 full days on this amazing animated story set up in an abandoned factory. As always, the style, narratives, inventive graphics, music, dynamics, blows my mind.

It’s not the first time the crew tries stop motion graffiti videos. We repost here their video from 2010 located on Haifa rooftops:



The Broken Fingaz Crew present: Bottle Neck


Urban Spree Gallery Presents


The first German solo show of the Broken Fingaz Crew


Founded along the Haifa shores around 2001, the wandering Street Art Crew, the Broken Fingaz Crew has adorned many murals in numerous cities worldwide in the past decade.

The crew is made of 4 artists (Deso, Kip, Tant and Unga) who collectively define the imagery of the Broken Fingaz, which includes numerous references to the American pulp & Marvel comics, B-movies of the 70’s and 80’s, psychedelic & pop art, collage & poster works, Szenenbildner, Italian giallo genre that composes an original & visually striking iconography.


Their drawing and spraying skills, masterful sense of composition and selection of pop colors and pop/comics imagery have made them over time one of the most admired street art crews, in the wake of US power duo Faile (also for their installation skills) and British pop master D*Face.

The crew has seldom participated in exhibitions so far with only some appearances in the famed ‘Old Truman Brewery’ in London and at the ‘Inoperable Galerie’ in Vienna.

On October 10th is the opening of their stunning art show in Berlin at Urban Spree. The show will be divided in three sections: Their first realization, the ‘Berlin Sticker Pack’ wall at Urban Spree  is a collection of graphic vignettes cleverly inspired by the Holocaust and becomes the first step of the exhibition. The giant pop up wood installation and a series of silk screen prints will be the second step.


Berlin has always been a magnet and reference to the crew. And It’s now for the Broken Fingaz the occasion to deliver an astounding artistic manifesto to the German capital.


Afterparty: Live Show from 3421 & Miss Red



Exhibition: 10.10.13 – 01.11.13

Tuesday – Saturday: 12:00 – 20:00

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September 2013: Broken Fingaz Crew

In early September, Haifa-based crew Broken Fingaz (BFC / part of the Ghostown Collective) arrived in Berlin to prepare their upcoming solo show at Urban Spree Galerie that opens on October 10th.

As part of the exhibition, BFC started first to work on our wall and realized an amazing mural, made of a collection of ‘stickers’ (or stickers’ pack), inspired by the Holocaust.



Broken Fingaz – Bottleneck Solo Show at Urban Spree: The Installation

After the Wall and the Print Exhibition, the Broken Fingaz Crew show revolves around a multi-layered analog 3D woodcut installation which is a tour de force of pop iconography, taking some elements of the wall, continuing the narrative, adding complex layers, décors, characters, signs, therefore composing an awe-inspiring masterpiece. The installation was produced over a full 2-week period by the whole collective, entirely in Berlin in the Urban Spree complex, and only with found materials. This is their largest to date installation and a landmark art piece in the street art world.


Pictures of the finished installation @Soren Solkaer / Other pictures @Pascal Feucher – All Rights Reserved


Broken Fingaz – Bottleneck Solo Show at Urban Spree: The Print Show

HAMAM2The Broken Fingaz Crew has produced a series of 16 original screen prints as part of their ‘Bottleneck‘ solo show at Urban Spree in Berlin that opened on October 10th, 2013.

The prints were produced at Mother Drucker’s screen print studio at Urban Spree by the crew itself. A total of 16 different prints has been edited, in limited runs from 20 to 40 prints in each design (3 by Deso, 4 by Tant, 3 by Kip and 6 by Unga). This part of the exhibition insists more on the individual skills and universe of each artist of the crew (Tant’s skeletons, Unga’s Fat Man series…), a print work  that resorts only to a limited colour use (a maximum of black + blue + red or black + red + pink on a light brown print paper).


Overall, if each crew member develops a personal universe, the coherence, unity and strength of the collective can be seen throughout.

The prints are available exclusively at the gallery in Berlin or online on the Urban Spree webstore here.