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Berlin Calling in Heerlen

Urban Spree Galerie is proud to be associated with “Berlin Calling”, a Berlin-themed and graffiti oriented Group Show at the Encore Concept Gallery in Heerlen in the Netherlands.

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Powered by Heerlen Murals, the show opens on Sunday, August 28th and features Berlin-based artists such as Base 23, Bruce, Mina, Chrisse Kunst, Felix Gephart, Matthias Gephart, Low Bros, Stohead, Untune and Poet.

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Berlin Calling

Encore concept gallery

Pancratiusstraat 48, 6411 KC Heerlen

28.09 – 02.10.2016

Urban Spree 3-Year Birthday: Pop Up Xmas Art Market!

On the occasion of the 3-year birthday of Urban Spree, we invite you to a special weekend of Xmas festivities on December 5th & 6th!


For the first time, and to coincide with its 3-year anniversary, Urban Spree creates the first pop up Christmas Art Market in Berlin.

free entry event, the Christmas Art Market is not a traditional art market.

All the Urban Spree good spirits converge to bring you the best of the gallery, concert room and drinks on that special occasion (even more special as we never celebrated a birthday before, so you are warned!!)

Starting on Saturday, the Galerie will offer you a Xmas pop up art store designed by Urban Spree and our Resident Artists with a lot of invited artists in our circle of friends. Meet your favorite artists and shop for Christmas with Jim Avignon, Andrea Wan, Dave the Chimp, Johannes Mundinger, Klub7, Twoone, Rylsee, Addison Karl, Chrisse Kunst, Tine Fetz, Vidam, ZEBU, Bene Rohlmann and many others! 
Veronique & Pascal will welcome you to our unique art market with activites where you can shop for Christmas in ultimate Urban Spree style!

Spice up your Winter! To commemorate our birthday, fight the treacherous cold and celebrate the glorious alliance of art and drinks, Freddy is delighted to invite you to the launch of a limited edition hot winter drink that we have been secretly elaborating in the past months with our partner OSTMOST and our artist friends!

The exclusive artworks are contributed by Above, Andrea Wan, Ben Thé, Fresh Max, Johannes Mundinger, Low Bros, Rylsee, Toums, and Twoone.

Winterspree is a Limited Artist Edition, certified 100% BIO, 100% vegan, 100% Urban Spree!

Last but not the least, Nico and his team are revving up the sound system and will bring you the best of the sound we’ve been working on with our Urban Spree DJs and friends all day, with live acts and DJs all night. Good vibrations, we want to see smiles all over the place!





Saturday 5.12 + Sunday 6.12




Saturday 5.12




Saturday 5.12


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Ontal is the collaborative project from Boris Noiz and Darko Kolar, both hailing from Serbia. Focusing on the bleakest, blackest apocalyptic techno and grinding mechanoid rhythms, calm joyful rapture over the sound of burning cities and scorched wastelands.”

– Combat Recordings





11813534_10153510855019661_8001995444445683382_nDead Fader’s output has been renowned for its crushing rhythmic pressure and abrasive sensibility; as the Quietus’ Angus Finlayson put it in 2012, they “expertly walk the tightrope between the crisp punch of dancefloor percussion and a deterritorialised onslaught of pure noise”




Swarm Intelligence has built up a name for habitually reducing darkened Berlin basements to ruins. Blending ambient, rhythmic noise and industrial sounds with half-step technoid rhythms and pounding 4/4 grooves, he has captured the attention of techno and noise fiends alike.










more t.b.a.





No space for pos­ing or atti­tude — it’s all about music!







PÚCA aka Aodhgán O’Flaherty


Aodhgán O’Flaherty is an audio visual artist based in Berlin. He graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork, Ireland in 2010 with a B.A Hons. in Fine Art.  His soundscapes and video pieces focus on presence of sublime in contemporary art. Aodhgán utilizes found sound, synthesized sound and field recordings to create his soundscapes. The process of manipulating, layering and reprocessing are central to both the audio and video.








The Teufelsberg Series

The Teufelsberg Series was engineered as a spin-off  project from the Dubl Trubl collaborative group exhibition at Urban Spree (18 September 2014 – 30 October 2014), which gathered the works of 90 artists, but only artworks resulting from a collaboration with another artist, therefore excluding solo pieces and blurring the lines of style and hierarchy.

The print series stems from the same collaborative spirit, however in a different way: this time, it consists of individual hand painted variations but on the same support, i.e. a hand pulled screen print of a drawing designed by german artist and illustrator Chrisse Kunst and printed in the Mother Drucker Ateliers at Urban Spree. 


The black-and-white print was offered as a common playground for each artist, with ample white space (blank space has been widened on purpose during the print process and accounts for about 50% of the print), in order for each artist to have enough space to project their universe and vision with minimal existing constraints.

imag0252The project was launched just before the vernissage of the show and all 19 over-painted prints have been collected over time and eventually displayed in the gallery for the finissage of the show on October 30th.

Among the different drawings of Chrisse Kunst, Teufelsberg retained our attention owing to its incredible and multi-layered story: this iconic West Berlin dreamscape starts in 1945 when the US Army decided to destroy with explosives the foundations of a nazi Technical University in the Grunewald Forest, west of Berlin, near the ominously-named Teufelssee (The Devil’s Lake).


 However, the walls were so thick (8 meters of reinforced concrete) that it proved impossible to blow away. In order to erase the remnants of this nazi symbol, the Americans decided to use the site as a wasteland and piled up the rubble of 25.000 destroyed houses from Berlin, resulting in a 120-meter high, all artificial hill, actually the highest “natural” elevation of the city. The name “Teufelsberg” (Devil’s Mountain), derives from the name of the nearby lake and cast an ominous and mysterious glow on that area.


Furthermore, in the 1960s, the NSA built on top of the plateau a hearing station to spy on the Soviets and East German administration . These are the buildings portrayed in the print, nowadays abandoned and decayed, and known as a famous graffiti spot, which is the present-day connection to our story.

A million thanks to our crew of Teufelberg warriors who participated in the project:

1UP/One United Power Crew | 44flavours | Andrew Gillman Aeon & Billy | Ben Thé | Dave the Chimp | Dscreet | Ebot |Eoin | Malarky | Mark McClure | NTDC (Nothing To Do Crew) | Paul Insect |Pure Evil | Rylsee | Reka | Thierry Noir & Christiaan Nagel | Timba Smits | Twoone

The artworks of the series are available in Urban Spree Berlin or on our website here.


DUBL TRUBL >> Closing Party | Zine, Video & Print Release

DUBL TRUBL Impossibe
Curated by Dscreet, the DUBL TRUBL exhibition at Urban Spree gathered 90 street and graffiti artists predominantly from the London scene to work in duos and display artworks made on a collaboration basis.

The outcome is a vivid, free-spirited, and grassroots street art show where most artists have displayed a more graffiti-oriented vision, both on the walls painted outside or in the works shown in the gallery. “Back to the roots of street art” in a way, this spirit being also embodied in the DUBL TRUBL dark humored series of videos.

For the closing evening & party on October 30th, a special DUBL TRUBL zine and a series of fresh videos are currently in the making to document the adventure and spirit of the show. Both will be released during the party.

We will also celebrate the launch of Chrisse Kunst’s Print collaboration with Dave The Chimp, Billy & Alex, RekaThierry Noir, Aeon, Christiaan Nagel, Pure Evil, EBOT, 44flavours, Base23 and more. ..


Street Art Group Show
DUBL TRUBL >> Ich bin in Berlin
Exhibition | September 19th – October 30th 2014
Thursday – Sunday | 12:00 – 19:00 | Free Entrance
Closing Party | Thursday, October 30th | 18:00

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Dubl Trubl

Curated by Dscreet, the Dubl Trubl exhibition at Urban Spree gathered 90 street and graffiti artists predominantly from the London scene to work in duos and display artworks made on a collaboration basis.

The outcome is a vivid, free-spirited, and grassroots street art show where most artists have displayed a more graffiti-oriented vision, both on the walls painted outside or in the works shown in the gallery. “Back to the roots of street art” in a way, this spirit being also embodied in the dubl trubl dark humored series of videos.

For instance, on the big Urban Spree Wall (12 meters long on 7 meters high), Paul Insect sprayed 2 stoned cute characters on the bottom sides while Reka painted the 2 characters on top inspired by double dragon arcade gaming style, featuring local heroes Super Kotti vs. Friedrichshain Megapunk. This very joyous, no pressure, and often dark & gritty humored dubl trubl spirit (as if powered remotely by Lush) infused the whole place during a fantastic week that culminated with a wonderful and massive opening.


Collaborative Wall feat. Aeon, Cone, Darren John, Dscreet, Ghettoblaster, Paul Insect, Reka & Sumo. September 2014


This concept clearly reflects on the artworks exhibited inside (see below). Left side: Reka vs. Dscreet and right side: Paul Insect vs. Dscreet.



Out of the 90 dubl-trubl-crew members, about 25 artists have made the trip to Berlin to participate to the whole repainting of the Urban Spree compound.

Montana Cans offered 500 cans for the show and it was decided to limit the color range to only 3 colors: power yellow, white & black, – the colors of the dubl trubl logo – to induce a massive impact on visitors and make it more cohesive.



Inside, the show goes in the gallery space and in the new section with about 50 artworks, both from emerging and confirmed artists.



Another milestone of the show was the epic erection of Christiaan Nagel‘s biggest realization so far, the mega mushroom! A 7-meter high electric blue mushroom, grown out a dead tree.


For the finissage on October 25th, a dubl trubl zine is currently in the making which documents the adventure and spirit of the show.

The whole series of hand-painted prints of Teufelsberg drawn by Chrisse Kunst will be on display for the finissage. More artists are working currently on the ongoing project and the result will be an exceptional rendering of this mythical place west of Berlin, today a prime graffiti spot inside an abandoned NSA spying station (dubl trubl vs. the Soviets), built on a 120 meters artificial hill itself made from the rubble of WWII bombed Berlin houses, erected to cover the location of a Nazi building whose walls were so thick (8m concrete and steel) that it couldn’t be blown up by explosives!


Dubl trubl is powered by: Aeon, Alex CF, Alex Fakso, Andrew Gillman, Anthony Lister, Base 23, Billy, Birdseed, BO 130, BRK 192, Chips, Chips For The Poor, Christiaan Nagel, Chris Stead, Chum101, Cityzen Kane, Civil Civic, Cone, Conor Harrington, Crack, Creeps, Crilly Smalls, Cyclops, Dabs & Myla, Dan Speight, Darren John, Dave the Chimp, Deus, Dmote, Drax, Dscreet, Ebot, Eazel E, EMA, Eoin, François Jenssard, Fred Fowler, Gemma White, Ghostpatrol, Girl In The Cartoon, Jumble, Kasio, Kid Acne, Kid Crow, Kirpy, Lucas Dupuy, Ludvig, Lush, Malarky, Mark McClure, Matt Sewell, Merda, Microbo, Olivia Skalkos, Party, Paul Insect, Phil Ashcroft, Phlegm, Pure Evil, Rainman, Rask, Reka, Richt, Rone, Rowdy, Run, Rylsee, Sinic, Skary, Skewville, Skip WD, Sumo, Thierry Noir, Tim Head, Timba Smits, Tizer, Trico, TwoOne, Vents 137, Vinnie Nylon, Xeme, Word To Mother, Ziggy Grudzinskas, 44 Flavours, 45RPM and 616.

Dubl Trubl says hi! Left: Cone (The Weird), Darren John, Sumo // Right: Dscreet, Paul Insect