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postponed: Tschüss Winter, wir machen wieder auf!

——english version below—–

Es ist endlich wieder soweit! Wir verabschieden uns ganz offiziell vom Winter und eröffnen unseren Biergarten am 4. April mit großartigen live Bands und DJs, die für das langersehnte “summer feeling” sorgen werden.

Kommt vorbei und trinkt ein kühles Bier in unserem Biergarten, den wir für euch zu einem Markt mit köstlichem Essen und erfrischenden Drinks verwandeln werden.

Auch die Urban Spree Gallery und der Store werden zur Feier des Tages bis in die späten Stunden für euch geöffnet sein. Hier gibt es neben einer Vielzahl von ausgewählten Büchern und Siebdrucken.

Des Weiteren erwarten euch auch unsere Freunde vom Tattoo Studio Amor de Madre #Berlin, die ebenfalls ihre Türen wieder für euch öffnen werden.

—–english version—–

Urban Spree opens this years spring season of our Biergarten on Saturday April 4th with a fantastic selection of live outdoor concerts, and super sunny vibes of our DJ friends.

Join us as we transform our garden into a market space, with food vendors, and a hand selection of draught beer so missed over the winter months.

The Urban Spree Gallery and Store will remain open late with our hand-picked books and screen prints.

We will also welcome back the opening of our resident Tattoo Studio Amor de Madre #Berlin


Big ‡ Brave • My Disco • Nonn


obnoxious ouroboros presents

Southern Lord Records
In existence since 2012 with members Robin Wattie, Mathieu Ball and Louis-Alexandre Beauregard spread across two guitars and drums respectively, BIG|BRAVE sound many magnitudes bigger than one would suspect a trio is capable of. Anticipation gracefully helps to build up every salvo launched by the band, assaulting the eardrum with incredible precision. Their compositions increasingly more refined, juxtaposing sparse minimalism with thunderous feedback, BIG|BRAVE strives to continue pushing the limits of what heavy experimental rock can sound like while maintaining a strong interest in reaching bliss.
Somewhere between the margins of a minimal rock band, experimental outfit and drone aficionados, BIG|BRAVE strives to never belong to anyone given classification. Utilising standard “band” tools such vocals, electric guitars, drums, feedback and amplifiers, B|B explores the possibilities of what a band can sound like while constantly resisting and deconstructing the archetypal characterisations of song structure and form.
Building spectacular, inverted rock constructions that sound many magnitudes bigger than one would suspect a trio was capable of, Montreal’s BIG|BRAVE has been in existence since 2012, with members spread across two guitars and drums respectively. Unhurried and untouchable, BIG|BRAVEpossess that same valued independent spirit which pervades their local contemporaries, and is at the root of their intense and exploratory musical offerings. Their sound lulls and lurches between passages of rhythmic noise pollution and vocal led awe, using considered juxtapositions of force and restraint to warp the senses. Remarkably quiet at times, their ambiance is not one of minimalism, but of dawning, foreboding power with the need to be vented, and when the hot flushes of blighted percussion and monochromatic guitar scrapes arrive, they arrive with triumphant force.

Temporary Residence / Downwards Records
MY DISCO is an Australian music group that was formed between long term 2018 collaborators, Rohan Rebeiro, Benjamin Andrews, and Liam Andrews in 2003.
In 2003, MY DISCO performed their first shows in unconventional all-ages venues in Melbourne.
Late 2003 saw the release of their debut 7″ and marked their first Australian tour. The band soon became renowned for their arduous tour ethic, demonstrated in extensive tours to often far to reach destinations that included remote areas of Australia, Southeast Asia and Mexico.
The release of their debut album ‘Cancer’ in late 2006 marked a new level of emphasis on minimalism. More international and national tours were undertaken, including additional tours to the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
Their second album ‘Paradise’ was recorded in Chicago, Illinois in 2007 with Steve Albini at his studio Electrical Audio. The album is noted as the band’s most refined and minimalist release, capturing their stentorian live sound, with several songs consisting of one note, repetitive single-sentence vocals and long- sustained guitar chords. Drum patterns, although minimal, still offer dance-like, disjointed beats.
2010 saw the release of a new single called “Young”, a limited edition 12″ released through Mistletone Records and re-issue through Blast First Petite, as a lead up to their third and forthcoming album.
2010 Saw the release of the band’s third and most diverse album, ‘Little Joy.’ Their first signing to NYC acclaimed label, Temporary Residence Limited.
2012 MY DISCO released another limited 12″, this time World Wide through Temporary Residence Ltd, entitled “Wrapped Coast.” The record features two extensive racks, with remixes by London’s Factory Floor, and Birmingham based noise-maker Justin Broadrick.
On International Record Store Day in 2013, the band put out a single on one of the World’s most acclaimed independent labels, Sub Pop records. It featured as the label’s 1000th release.
2014/15 saw the band put the finishing touches on their fourth studio album, entitled “Severe” and once again working with Producer and friend Cornel Wilzcek at Electric Dreams Studios in South Melbourne.

⊙ NONN ⊙
Fuzz Club Records
The debut from NONN was a stark collection of minimalistic post-punk that marked him as one of the most exciting outputs in the dark Scandinavian scene. After touring the record across Europe and recruiting a full band, the project is back with its second album, XVII, due for release December 7th on Fuzz Club.
Now more of a collaborative effort, with Hannes Nyling and Christian’s brother Alexander joining the fold, the new record deals in a fuller more refined sound and packs a far heftier punch. Where the self-titled debut was a restrained, minimalist affair, XVII opts for slabs of industrial electronics and hard-hitting percussion. The gloomy 80s sensibilities are still there – see the occasional Cure-esque guitars and morose gothic vocals – but on XVII, NONN turn their eyes more towards the electronic affliction of EBM and synth-punk than the polished, more-digestible post-punk that came reverberating out of the decade.
This shift in the band’s sound all boils down to having to reinvent the songs when taking them on the road following the release of their debut, which saw them tour the UK and mainland Europe and play at a number of festivals; from Liverpool Psych Fest and Fuzz Club Eindhoven to, more recently, Endless Daze in South Africa. “Since the last record we’ve been doing a lot of shows which gave us a lot of inspiration. We reworked the old songs to sound a bit fuller and more fun to play live. Having to reinvent all the sounds and instruments from the first album really inspired the direction on XVII,” Christian remarks.
It’s clear that taking the project on the road with a full-band has had a notable effect. Tracks like ‘Clear’, ‘Home’ and ‘Beyond’ see NONN shift their bleak, darkwave-inflected post-punk into something far richer. It’s still got that minimalistic feel and the ear-worm melodies are still there, but it’s more sinister and fleshed out. Though, what truly sets this album apart from the debut is where the band have delved deeper into their electronic side. The industrial stomp of album-opener ‘Pray’ declares the LP’s merciless intent without a guitar in sight; it’s a destructive cut of throbbing synths and desolate drum machine, underpinned by Christian’s monotonous vocals. Partner that with the sparse, haunting electronics of ‘Believe’ and the mechanical synth-punk of ‘Hide’ and it’s clear that NONN are at their best when truly embracing their deeply-cherished Moog Sub Phatty, using it to exorcise the many demons lurking beneath the noise.

presale (in 3 simple steps):
1. send 15€ per person to obnoxiousouroboros@googlemail.com via paypal (AS FRIENDS!)
2. include the date of the show and the full name of each ticket purchaser as written on the ID and print the paypal transaction
3. you can then enter the show by just showing the printed paypal transaction and your ID at the door
18€ at the door

presale ends thursday may 16th 6pm.
limited to 250 spots!
18€ at the door

spread the gospel, invite your grannies & join the madness

⊙ smash racism, sexism, genderism, homophobia, nationalism, fascism, drugism, religionism, lookism, borders (on the maps & in the minds), genres, scenes, image, trend, hype & any other brainwashit ⊙



Teorema • Berlin 2019

Teorema • Berlin 2019

Tickets > https://bit.ly/2Pv8z3z

After our successful tour in East Asia, and before our next gigs in Spain, another edition of our satelital events is coming.
We are glad to announce our first event in 2019: TEOREMA BERLIN. A gig with high quality local artists, each participant with enormous value within the experimental music circuit.
Our playground in this city is going to be the very well know URBAN SPREE, a place where we aim to make a hot spot for our Teorema destinations in Berlin.

>> Day one- FREE Workshop : At Schneiders Laden
> Friday March 8th: Free workshops (19 to 21 hs)
Workshops are going to be happening at Scheiders Laden, there is no entrance fee. Together with Schneiders we will provide a evening of Modular Synth education on charge of Miquel Dangla.
TO PARTICIPATE, send us an email to teoremafestival@gmail.com with the subject WORKSHOP TEOREMA where you will write your full name.
Only 20 spaces are available, deadline is Firday 8th March 15:00.
If you can go, please inform us so someone else can take your spot.

>> Day two- At UrbanSpree : Performances, live music, A/V, visuals and instalation.
> Saturday March 9th: Urban Spree, Berlin (18 to 06 hs)

We can not ask for more!

Live/AV >>

▓ Spit Mask (Live, USA)
> https://bit.ly/2QTZbrc

▓ Sabina Ahn (Live, Korea)
> https://bit.ly/2GaFz03

▓ Mirages / Miquel Dangla (Live, Berlin)
> https://bit.ly/2GgDb8b

▓ Tara in tibet + Evropa + Bionihil (Live, Berlin)
> https://bit.ly/2Wrwd5M
> https://bit.ly/2sTexCx

▓ Loud Neighbor (Live, Berlin)
> https://bit.ly/2MKYHmM

▓ Yaporigami (Live, Japan)
> https://bit.ly/2G0I6KQ

▓ A1E5 (Live, Berlin)
> https://bit.ly/2Gn5zW8
> https://bit.ly/2S9rnvs

▓ Rosa Anschütz (Live, Vienna)
> https://bit.ly/2Rt6p5E

▓ BAKÁH (Live, Korea)
> https://bit.ly/2Wwi5rO

▓ Stauffer (Live, Spain)
> https://bit.ly/2LY7TlE

▓ N u c l e a r A l t a r P r i s m a (Live, Berlin)
> https://bit.ly/2Gb0RKU

▓ Eyes Gone (Live, Berlin)
> https://bit.ly/2ShoRCD

▓ N01R (Live, Berlin)
> https://bit.ly/2oduv8B

▓ Aural + Martinovna A/V (Berlin)
> https://bit.ly/2DMsJUb
> https://bit.ly/2WNitmf

▓ Squaric (Arg)
> https://goo.gl/gFEtQw

Visual atcs >>

▓ Future Error
> https://bit.ly/2HGK4lh

▓ Z_koncept
> https://bit.ly/2Gd6PuL

▓ Pilar Gost
> https://bit.ly/2B5mnxt

▓ Jxxn
> https://bit.ly/2SeocBP

▓ Predzemshar
> https://bit.ly/2HFgSLy

▓ Andriana Tuesday

> http://cort.as/-Evu_

▓ Sscchhnn
> https://bit.ly/2Urp6IM

Performance >>

> https://bit.ly/2DMFmhP
> https://bit.ly/2pmz4At

Art instalation >>

Workshops >>

▓ Miquel Dangla (SchneidersLaden, Berlin)

Modular Synth Masterclass.

Workshops> This edition workshops will be happening at one of the hottest Berlin spots: Schneider Laden. We are proud to announce this partnership.
Education is a key part for Teorema, and so this is for Scheneider, that is why we are offering an evening of workshops learning.

Locatiion: Schneider Laden Skalitzer Str. 135A, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Time 19:00 to 21:00
Entrance fee: FREE with previous inscription.

We are thrilled to have this chance of collaborate.
We hope to see you there

> https://bit.ly/2thb5Sr

PH by >>

▓ Natalia Garcia
> https://bit.ly/2CSb4sD

Artwork by Jxxn
> https://bit.ly/2SeocBP

Find us on…
> www.teorema.nl
> https://www.instagram.com/teorema.fde
> https://twitter.com/teorema_fde
> https://soundcloud.com/teorema-1

Night Shift ft. Zarkoff

𝔉𝔬𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔰𝔦𝔠𝔰 presents: Night Shift

The sun comes down and with it the day shift comes to an end. It is time for the night shift to take over.

Creatures of the night, replicants, angelic faces and spectators hungry for strangeness give themselves to the carefreeness of the 80s in a club turned for a night into a house of the underground.

On the program: Zarkoff LIVE, Drag Shows, New Wave, Synthpop, Dark Wave, Goth, Minimal Wave, EBM, Post-Punk, Italo-disco and Retro Wave.

Night Shift is a LGBT+, hetero-inclusive bimestrial event.
We pride ourselves on being a safe space for LGBTQIA+ individuals and their allies.
All of our DJs and our drag performers are individuals who identify as being part of a counter-culture and our drag shows also fall under the umbrella of our music genres for a complete immersive experience.


► LINE-UP ◀︎


Zarkoff [Croatia]

Zarkoff is an electro-techno-industrial producer/dj known for solo work and many collabs, such as Sumerian Fleet, FFFC, Kali Jugend, Lab Personnel, releases with Popsimonova, Nao Katafuchi etc.

Apart from his own productions, he runs a studio called Sensorium and works as a mastering engineer for established underground labels such as Creme Organization, R Zone, Jericho One, Raw Paper Records, Raw Culture, Repartiseraren etc.

His post punk album Sweet Obsolete (Unknown Pleasures Records) reached #1 on European Alternative Charts in 2015 and after that a few electro/acid vinyl EPs followed (Pioneers EP on Endless Illusion, Iron flute EP on Return To Disorder and Toxicology EP on Gooiland Elektro) Sumerian Fleet released 2 albums on Dark Entries, “Just Pressure” and “Pendulum”, and his collab project Lab Personnel released an LP called Recreation on Medical Records.

His latest releases (as Zarkoff and member of Lab Personnel) have mostly been results of jams in an abandoned chemical lab that Zarkoff and his collaborators were using for several years. This period is now finished and Zarkoff is embarking on European tour this winter.


Listen to “Video Age”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpy4GZpixr8


Al Niklaus (𝔉𝔬𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔰𝔦𝔠𝔰) [Berlin] (New Beat, Acid 90’s, EBM, Retro Wave, Dark Synth)
DJ INEPT Pernicious [Berlin] (Dark Wave, Minimal Wave, EBM, Industrial)


Ghōst [Berlin]
Lady Galore [Amsterdam]
Harle Quing


Reality Pill


HART Magazine
Tech Noire


00H00 – 06H00+

Revaler Str. 99 / Warschauer Str.
10245 Berlin

☛ Sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed of our news, latest events and future projects: http://eepurl.com/dIKIrT

The Black Sorrows (AU)

Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21h.


Roots-Music Fans in Deutschland, heißet die BLACK SORROWS willkommen, besucht eines der anstehenden Konzerte und besorgt euch das neue Album “Citizen John”. Es lohnt sich.

Wenn ein ausgewiesenes Musikfachmagazin wie der “Rolling Stone” (in diesem Falle die australische Variante) einen verdienten Musiker aus ‘down under’ zur sogenannten “living legend” ausruft und kürt, steckt nicht bloße journalistische Effekthascherei dahinter, sondern eine eine jahrzehntelange, wertvolle musikalische Arbeit, die danach schreit gehört zu werden.

Insofern darf man Mr. Joe Camilleri, dem Mastermind und einzigen Urmitglied der schon seit 1984 existierenden Roots-Music-Truppe THE BLACK SORROWS zu dieser Ehrung gratulieren und sich aufrichtig darüber freuen, dass ein in Deutschland sträflich unterbewerteter und letztendlich meist nur von echten Musik-Freaks zur Kenntnis genommener Songwriter, Gitarrist, Saxofonist und vor allen Dingen famoser Sänger sich nun anschickt endlich einmal – und das nach über zwanzig Alben – unsere deutschen Bühnen zu beehren. Diese gute Gelegenheit wird sich wahrscheinlich nicht mehr allzu häufig ergeben, denn immerhin zählt Joe Camilleri inzwischen auch schon 70 Lenze.

Das engagierte schwäbische Plattenlabel Blue Rose Records veröffentlicht dieser Tage das – man höre und staune – einundzwanzigste Album der THE BLACK SORROWS und schickt die musikalischen Helden von der anderen Hälfte der Erde auf eine ausgedehnte Deutschland-Tour durch ausgesuchte, ja, meist kleinere Clubs, die es dem geneigten Fan ermöglichen wird, die bekanntermaßen heiße und vibrierende Live-Show der Aussie-Jungs hautnah zu erleben. Alles andere als eines der Konzerte zu besuchen, käme einer Schande gleich.

Das brandneue Album, das Camilleri mit im Gepäck haben wird, titelt relativ unspektakulär “Citizen John” und bietet die seit Jahrzehnten bewährte und beliebte Mischung aus roots-getränktem Rhythm & Blues, Southern Soul, Folk, Gospel und Blues mit einer gelegentlichen Prise unaufdringlicher Pop-Leichtigkeit.

Das von Joe Camilleri und seinem Keyboarder John McAll gemeinsam produzierte “Citizen John” präsentiert uns dreizehn frische, ohne Firlefanz und “down to earth” in Szene gesetzte Eigenkompositionen, die mit zwei ausgesuchten Covernummern von Bob Dylan (>Silvio<) und Nina Simone (>Do I Move You<) stilvoll ergänzt werden.

Camilleri und sein langjähriger Songwriting-Partner Nick Smith genießen es einmal mehr, dem Hörer eine musikalische Welt zu offenbaren, die von großartigen Künstlern wie J.J. Cale, Van Morrison, Dr. John, Leon Russel, Allen Toussaint, Delbert McClinton, Mink DeVille und Muddy Waters inspiriert wird und uns eine wunderbare und im höchsten Maße unterhaltsame Roots-Music Rundreise bietet, die an Stil und Niveau ihresgleichen sucht.



Facebook Event



Hören & Sehen


Vorverkauf: 12,00 EUR (ink. USt, zzgl. Vorverkaufsgebühren)

Tickets im Vorverkauf:
listen.berlin: https://goo.gl/21Nwwm (print@home möglich)
Koka 36: https://goo.gl/So3Nwv

Die musikalische Selbstfindung von CRIMER startete ungewohnt fromm in einer Kirchenformation. Den Weg dorthin hat ihm das schulische Vorsingen im zarten Alter von zwölf Jahren geebnet. Da man zu der Zeit noch grosse Bewunderung für die Backstreet Boys hegte, wurde selbstverständlich ein Stück der besagten Truppe vorgetragen. Mit einer vorpubertären Performance von „I Want It That Way“ heimste der junge Alexander ein Plätzchen in der Band, welche die sonntäglichen Gottesdienste musikalisch untermalte, ein. Doch nach unzähligen Ave Marias wuchs schnell der Wunsch nach der eigenen Rockband. Darauf folgte eine Entdeckungstour, die von der obligaten Coverband bis zur klassischen Indietruppe führte.
Kontinuierlich auf der Suche nach dem eigenen Sound tüftelte CRIMER im Stillen an Beats auf Computerprogrammen und fand sich plötzlich in den Tiefen der digitalen Synthesizer gefangen. Die neuen Möglichkeiten waren selbst für ihn als Amateurmusiker von unendlicher Grösse. Schnell nahmen die Helden, die ihn als Kind begleiteten – namentlich Rick Astley oder Lionel Richie – ihren Einfluss. Doch auch die jugendlichen Emo-Jahre sind nicht spurlos am Ostschweizer vorbeigegangen und haben das Soundbild mitgeprägt, wie ein düsterer Schleier, der sich über die Melodien legt.

Ohne jemals wirklich Songs veröffentlicht zu haben, kam CRIMER schnell zu einer guten Anzahl an Liveauftritten, die er wohl grösstenteils seiner einzigartigen Performance zu verdanken hat. Diese im Pathos getränkten Tanzeinlagen waren keinesfalls vorsätzlich geplant, sondern entstanden wohl eher als Antwort auf die eingeschränkte Bühnenpräsenz als Solokünstler.

Ein Mittel also, um die Leere auf Bühnen möglichst kreativ zu füllen. Eine Art unaufhaltbare Energie, die nur in Kombination mit Musik entfesselt werden kann und sich mit viel Gefühl in die brachiale Popmusik eingliedert. Diese ansteckende, performative Bewegungsart wird zudem von CRIMERS epochaler Stimme getragen, die sich vor allem im Bereich des Bariton gewaltig ausbreitet. All das lässt das Publikum schnell vergessen, nur von einer Person bespielt zu werden.

Mit der hymnischen Single „Brotherlove“ hat CRIMER bewiesen, dass er nicht mehr alleine auf dem Parkett tanzen muss. Der Song hat sich überraschend schnell im Heimatland verbreitet und ihn zu einem der spannendsten Newcomer aus der Alpenrepublik gemacht. Das Debut-Album „Leave Me Baby“ verspricht nicht minder interessant zu werden. Die Songs kommen im schweren New Wave Gewand daher und driften immer wieder gerne in die Italo-Disco ab. Retroklänge mit einem leichten Hauch Modernität stets geleitet von CRIMERs unverwechselbarem Stimmwerk und süffigen Chorus-Gitarren.

Um diese geballte Ladung Energie live entfesseln zu können, hat sich der junge Tänzer zwei Mitmusiker ins Boot geholt. So wird in Zukunft noch energischer, noch erotischer performt!
(Quelle: Grand Hotel Van Cleef)

Präsentiert von ASK HELMUTGrand Hotel van Cleef & Bedroomdisco



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