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Birds in Row -> Listen

Birds in Row is an experimental hardcore punk/metal trio who write punitive, exasperated tunes with equisitite, dark textures. Their members maintain a level of anonymity to pin the focus on the music itself rather than those who create it. Birds in Row is committed to a true DIY ethic, placing all their efforts into the creation of a deep fan-to-artist connection.

Life in Vacuum -> Listen

Life In Vacuum make a messy, chaotic brand of aggressive weirdo punk sure to get you amped. They easily balance technical song construction with raw, free-form jam sections to create an intense, gnarly listening experience. Their live show takes the bands grizzly, brutal sound to the next level — showcasing their powerful, sonically oppressive presence.


Magic Life: A Group Show

For our last show of 2015, we have crafted a group show featuring some of the best free-spirited painting talents in european contemporary urban arts.

‘Magic Life’ unites under one roof the magic wizards of Vienna, aka the Irga Irga Crew (Mik Shida, Fresh Max, Mafia_Tabak and Knarf), the Western Germany spirits of Nartur Kunstgruppe (Henning Bischof, Nils Leimkühler, Moritz Neuhoff und Stefan Wiesnau) and our free electron Resident Artist Johannes Mundinger.

All the 9 invited artists are painters, using walls to express their energy and talent with scale, and are characterized by free brush strokes, extreme free flow, disdain of conveniences, and abstracted graffiti.

The exhibition will open on Saturday 24.10.2015 and will run until 27.11.2015.

Please refer to the Galerie page here for more info about the show. Please request the catalogue of the show to galerie@urbanspree.com







Nartur Kunstgruppe




Group Show: Magic Life



For our last show of 2015, Urban Spree Galerie is proud to invite you to a group show featuring some of the best free-spirited painting talents in european contemporary urban art.

‘Magic Life’ unites under one roof the magic wizards of Vienna, aka the Irga Irga Crew (Mik Shida, Fresh Max, Mafia_Tabak and Knarf), the West Germany free spirits of Nartur Kunstgruppe and our Resident Artist Johannes Mundinger.


Wall painted in Germany by Fresh Max and Shida – Summer 2015


All the 9 invited artists are painters, using walls to express their energy and talent with scale, and are characterized by free brush strokes, extreme free flow and disdain of conveniences.

Irga Irga

The Irga Irga Crew is a collective of 4 artists based in Vienna. Beside painting, drinking and working together, they also publish the handmade magazine called ”WANDBLATT whose 3rd and latest edition was sold out pretty fast.

Irga Irga are: Fresh Max, Knarf, Mafia/Tabak und Shida


















Johannes Mundinger

Coming from a Graffiti/Urban Art background, the interaction between his work and a specific site has always been a central aspect of Johannes Mundinger’s work. In fine arts, he developed a visual language between abstract and figurative painting.
Born in 1982 in Offenburg, he has studied in Münster and Brussels. Since 2011 he is living in Berlin and is an Urban Spree Resident Artist since 2012.


Nartur Kunstgruppe 

Nartur Kunstgruppe is a german art collective based in Osnabrück, Berlin and Münster. The 4 artists seek to challenge the traditional forms of art and image conception. Their paintings are often used as part of installations in large formats.


Any use of material is hereby welcome which often creates a form of art characterised by bright colours, cut outs and generous overpainting. Nartur Kunstgruppe aims to combine abstract painting with graffiti, everyday life, naive wisdom and research. The artists of this collective are Henning Bischof, Nils Leimkühler, Moritz Neuhoff und Stefan Wiesnau.

Nartur Kunstgruppe



Henning Bischof

Nils Leimkühler

Moritz Neuhoff

Stefan Wiesnau


Urban Spree Galerie
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin  

Opening Saturday, October 24th, 2015
Exhibition: 25.10 => 27.11 (Tu-Sa 12:00 / 18:00)

Info, Press, Catalogue: galerie@urbanspree.com

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Radioday Streetlife with radioeins

rendition=teaser_980x300_Copyright_imago_HohlfeldOn Monday/Pfingstmontag, we host a special radioeins live transmission at Urban Spree.

The radioeins bus will have a big broadcast with Thema “Street Life”: street art, street food, street music, street photography, Freiluftkino…

At Urban Spree Gelände. From 15:00 bis 21:00. Outdoor + Galerie

Live Painting, Panels, Mobile Kino…

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Hendrik Czakainski’s Upcoming Exhibition: Nonpoint Sources

Imagine that you are a raindrop. It begins to rain and you hit the ground and flow across streets, parking lots, yards, construction sites, farm fields… Along the way, you pick up litter, oil, grease, metals, rubber, dirt, fertilizers, pesticides, animal waste, and other things left behind. All of these pollutants mix with the rain and flow away as nonpoint source pollution. » (Illinois Environmental Protection Agency).

In Hendrik Czakainski’s previous exhibition at Urban Spree Galerie, « Switch Over » (2018), the famed “invisible hand” of Adam Smith finally achieved its predictable self-strangulation and hinted towards the obliteration of the age of Anthropocene. His powerful works laid bare the rusted skeletons of what was once qualified as habitat. A post-architectural world – and beyond -, in which life subsided on the fringes, a derelict, abstract  and borderless Universum, morbidly fascinating.

For “Nonpoint Sources“, his 4th solo show at Urban Spree, Hendrik Czakainski fills his large wall sculptures with the particles and raindrops of our contaminated civilization, building his imaginary constructions only to let them succumb to the invisible and poisonous streams that run through it. Huge fracture lines dislocate high density environments, Earth is scorched beyond repair, structures are flooded with colored poisons that irrigate the veins of our industrial civilization.

We do not only see the structures, we see the flooding and the elements, we see how the artist skillfully paints and distorts the structures he so patiently erected.

Hendrik Czakainski

Nonpoint Sources

Solo Show 

Berlin Art Week Opening: Wednesday 09.09.2020 at 18:00 in presence of the artist

Exhibition Dates: 09.09.2020 – 10.10.2020

Wed-Fri 14:00-19:00 (Sa: 12:00-19:00)

Urban Spree Galerie

RAW Gelände

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

S+U Warschauer Str.

Info & Catalogue: contact@urbanspree.com