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Japanese Sake Festival Berlin 2018 Winter

Basic Entrance Ticket: 3 Euro
Special Ticket: 20 Euro
Sake Price: 3-5 Euro/ cup (4cl)
Free entry for Kids and Teens under 18

3rd, Feb (Sat): 13:00-5:00
4th, Feb (Sun): 12:00-21:00

Be ready for more than 20 different Japanese Sake types being served at 6 stands, 9 Food stands with different traditional food and 20 handcraft and art stands! 🍶

Of course, we will have our Klubnacht with some new faces and will feature several live sets this time 🔥

Families with children are welcome.
Stay tuned!

Basic Ticket: Get a ticket online if you want to make sure to get in. We have limited capacity.

Special Ticket: Our Special Ticket includes entrance, 5 Sake drinks and free entry for our Klubnacht and live shows.

Artwork by Anna Sommerfeld


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Japanese Sake Festival Berlin 2017 Summer Edition

*English description & フード・小売出店者募集 is below.

All You Can Drink Sake Tickets (Second Early Birds): 18€


We have 5 Sake stands with more than 10 varieties of premium original Japanese Sake and 7 amazing Japanese Food stands.

You can drink an unlimited amount of more than 10 varieties of Sake between 6pm-11pm except Beer and Softdrink, if you get All You Can Drink Sake tickets (Nomihoudai).

Gate Opens: 5pm
Food stands: 5pm-12am
Sake stands: 6pm-11pm(All You Can Drink Sake time!)

Japanese Sake Festival Clubnight : 8pm-5am

From the common ticket system (All You Can Drink: Nomihoudai) on Japanese Sake Conventions, you can enjoy as much sake as you want. Be prepared for a new experience with more than 10 varieties of Sake. We are selling these tickets online now and also at the door in limited capacity.

All You Can Drink Sake Tickets(First Early Birds): Sold Out!
All You Can Drink Sake Tickets(Second Early Birds): 18€
All You Can Drink Sake Tickets(Final Birds): 20€


*We won’t sell any All You Can Drink Sake tickets at the door, if we are sold out online. Beer and Softdrinks are not included. We strongly recommend to buy tickets online now because of the limited capacity.

One-Drink-Tickets: 4€

These tickets will only be sold at the door between 5 and 11pm and only if we’re not sold out on the All You Can Drink Sake. These tickets include entry to the Festival and a coupon for two specific Sake drink. Clubnight is not included.

Tickets for Japanese Sake Festival Clubnight:
Free if you have All You Can Drink Sake Tickets.
6€ if you don’t have All You Can Drink Sake Tickets.


Our Concept: Sake Revolution

After traveling around and trying many different Sake brands in Japan, we can guarantee an amazing quality and experience with the selection that we’ve made for you. When we try to drink a lot of Sake in Berlin, we have to buy expensive bottles of Sake. The bottle of Sake is really expensive because the price in Berlin includes the cost of import and alcohol taxes. The price of Sake in Berlin is 3 times more expensive than the price in Japan. We Japanese would like to share great Sake experience with all the people in Europe. Also, we should share our unique culture “All You Can Drink Sake: Nomihoudai” because we want you to try many varieties of Sake without hesitation. This is Sake Revolution from Berlin. We hope you’ll take part in our Sake Revolution!

Regarding Food and Retail vendors for next Japanese Sake Festival in winter:
This time we got a lot of application from food and retail vendors. Unfotunately We are closing applications this time, but we have application form for next time. We will keep in touch with you when we will be sure about next Japanese Sake Festival in winter.


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Japanese Sake Festival at Urban Spree

Urban Spree announces Berlin’s first Japanese Sake Festival to be held at Urban Spree Galerie on Saturday, January 14th, from 16:00 to 23:00.


Japanese Sake Festival 2017

The Japanese Sake Festival combines a tasting of different sake spirits, to be paired with a wide choice of traditional Japanese food such as oden, takoyaki, gyoza, okonomiyaki, as well as a selection of traditional Japanese arts & craft.

Entrance Fee: 3 Euro (including 1 sake drink ticket.)
Opening time: 16:00-23:00

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Japanese Sake Festival

Japanese Sake Festival Berlin 2017 is coming up on 14th, Janauary at Urban Spree.


Japanese Sake Festival 2017

Entrance Fee: 3 Euro (including 1 Sake drink ticket.)
Opening time: 16:00-23:00

We have 5 Sake stands with 5 amazing different Sake, 10 Food Stands, Many Japanese Arts, Illustrations, Antiques, Clothes, Handcrafts, Variety Stores.

Sake is 3 or 4 euro for 1 shot.
Our concept is “Road to Sake Master.”
Buy 5 Sake, Get 1 Free.

Come to feel Japanese travel vibes if you love Japanese Sake!

One more thing… one of the best local party Kids On Wax will take place in the club building at Urban Spree. Entrance is free if you come to Japanese Sake Festival Berlin 2017. Dance with Sake on Saturday night.

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Kids On Wax Sake Festival

Urban Tropical with Silverio, Filastine & Nova, Alo Wala, Cairo Liberation Front, Sake Sake, DJ Copyflex, Dat Politics Djs

10325425_10152199705288460_6137687573597330580_n (1)

The hottest party of the month in Urban Spree on the 27th of June.

For those who doesn’t go to Fusion, Fusion comes to you!

Four global and tropical bass highlights of the festival – a crazy super star SILVERIO from Mexico, post dubstep audio-visual duo FILASTINE & NOVA (USA/Indonesia), magic raving ALO WALA from both Chicago and Copenhagen, sonic Arabic revolutionists CAIRO LIBERATION FRONT, one of the most popular party DJs in the world of tropical bass COPYFLEX and Berlin based singer SAKESAKE. Plus DJ set from DAT POLITICS in the garden. Come to shake your booty to sounds of hip-hop, moombathon, rasterinha, trap, kuduro, dancehall, cumbia and tropical madness!

In the Garden- Dat Politics Dj set !




A drunk, an elegant dandy, a womanizer and an icon at any club, he is a phenomenon in the Entertaiment industry unseen since the Elephant Man.
This electronic party music sounds like it came from the Stone Age with kick ass live shows that are a total blast when compared with the insipid and boring shows of the so called cool electronic music scene. The first production of His Majesty Silverio was released in 2001 and shook the Mexican Family with the extraordinary hit Yepa-Yepa-Yepa.
Onto the colder transatlantic audiences and Silverio’s mesmerising fusion of raw Mexican Machismo, brutal keyboard prowess and tantalising female companions scandalised and dumbfounded across Europe in The Migros Museum in Switzerland, London’ss I.C.A and Berlin’s Kunstwerke beside a smashing tour of clubs across Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria.
The man himself describes himself humbly as a lover of alcohol and women in no particular order, with a simple personality, though strong in convictions and a virtuoso on the dance floor. Some critics have described his music as electro-cheese while connoisseurs have said that if neanderthal man would have Nightclubs instead of wooden clubs then surely Silverio would been at the helm.



Grey Filastine composes a dense transnational bass music colliding the low frequency pressure of dubstep with high-level beat science, acoustic strings and voices, using percussion to fire off sounds and synchronised video from a heap of electronics wired to an amplified shopping cart, borrowing from hip-hop, moombathon, dubstep and cumbia while pulling in sounds from India, North Africa, Indonesia and other stops on his journeys to create complex, shifting canvases for Indonesian vocalist Nova to place her silken singing.



Alo Wala’s live show, is magic raving. You will find their american punjabi front woman Shivani in lavish geometric shapes and bright colors, flirting in front of euphoric live visuals and bouncing over colossal bass lines from the live band. Alo Wala’s hard-hitting and joyful mixture of bass, dancehall, cumbia, hip hop and kuduro is already taking audiences in India, Morocco and Europe by storm. Their forthcoming debut album on Enchufada label also features superstars of tropical bass like Schlachthofbronx, Jahdan Blakkamoore, MC Zulu and others.



Cairo Liberation Front are electro cha3bi pioneers. CLF promotes the sonic Arabic revolution. Electro cha3bi comes from the popular neighborhoods of Cairo. Producers use cracked software; combine American hip-hop, eurohouse and Arabic rhythms. Like Omar Souleyman meeting Sean Paul and Aphex Twin at a wedding party. It has the live power of punk rock shows and early house parties. On stage Cairo Liberation Front performs with one DJ, one MC and one hypeman (a colonel).  Join the revolution and say Yalla!



SAKESAKE is a Berlin based singer//songwriter//producer. In love with art she never stops raving.

Her tone is classic, delicate, beautiful…voiced to the sound of a brave new world she is seeking remedy for itґs poison.




Copyflex is one of the most popular dj´s in Copenhagen due to his capacity to combine party music with creative experiments and homemade edits and mashups. Although some of this popularity derives from his more-than-lively stage appearance. In addition to his solo performances, Copyflex is also a driving force behind projects like the digital vikingo crew Copia Doble Systema and the slow-rave styled duo called Copyfokking.

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The Jaunt Berlin Book Launch



The Jaunt combines the two best things in life: Art & Travel. Over the course of two years The Jaunt has organised a variety of trips with artists traveling to places like Helsinki, Istanbul, Antwerp, Los Angeles and beyond. Artists like Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Mike Perry, David Shillinglaw and most recently our resident artist Andrea Wan have been sent on their way to become inspired. After each trip the artists create a unique artwork capturing the spirit and essence of their trip. On their trip the artists keep a travel diary for all the people back home. We travel the world,we inspire and we create.




In its first publication The Jaunt has gathered all the stories, drawings, snapshots and keepsakes from the artists on their trips. The book features exclusive interviews with the artists about their creative process, and shows unique sketches and photos from the trips. Offering a behind-the-scenes look of our artists and the project itself. A perfect introduction for everybody not yet familiar with the project, or a deeper insight if you have been following our trips along the way.



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