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Top 5 street art & graffiti books of 2016

2016 saw a number of excellent book releases related to street art and graffiti in an ever expanding universe of specialized publications. Berlin-based gallery and bookshop Urban Spree chose 5 outstanding books published in 2016.


Wall Writers – Graffiti in Its Innocence

Edited by Roger Gastman

Published by Gingko Press

c01 Wall Writers fills an important gap in the segment of the historical approach to graffiti as it seeks to document the very origins of modern graffiti and wall writing at the source – New York City and Philadelphia in the late 1960s – and features in-depth research and interviews with major pioneer writers such as Taki183 and Cornbread with a lot of previously unpublished photographic archive.

Wall Writers explores graffiti’s foray into mainstream society in a period of social turmoil and tries to replace it in the culture of the time and up to its current status of a greater acceptance by the society as a popular art form. Alongside the 2012-published “bible” curated by Andrea Caputto “All City Writers“, Wall Writers is a reference book and research on the topic of the origins of the movement.

Wall Writers is also a documentary film written by Chris Pape and directed by Roger Gastman, released in 2016.



by Boris Tellegen / Delta

Published by A Paper Book

15034715_1785472801691571_2663648574205591552_n8697 by the dutch writer & artist Boris Tellegen a.k.a. Delta is a comprehensive time-travel journey encompassing 11 years of black book production. The black books are sketchbooks where a writer sketches, pastes photographs of his pieces, polishes his style and makes research for future pieces. Those notebooks, oscillating between training and memorabilia, are rarely seen by the public and are however an essential part of the writer’s style evolution.

Boris Tellegen started graffiti in 1984 at 14 in Amsterdam and caught the virus while visiting the USA with his father and discovered Seen, Quik, Blade… and later Bando in Paris.

“Between 1986 and 1997, I kept a black book. It was an A4-sized book with a hard cover in which I made sketches and pasted photos of my own grati work. Particularly in the early years, I had the book with me wherever I went. The black book allowed me to show other writers what I’d done. Not everything made it into the book, only the work I was proud of. Gradually, the function of the book changed from portfolio to personal logbook. The black book stayed at home more and more often and I began pasting all kinds of stu in it. However, instead of using suitable glues to paste the photos and sketches, I used poor quality glue such as rubber cement, blue 3M photo mount and adhesive tape. My first book, a Daler, had paper of reasonable quality. When this was full in 1992 I bought another sketchbook. The paper of this one was of very poor quality and yellowed very quickly. Gradually the books began to fall apart. With this publication I intend to give my black books a longer life. For that reason, I have not made a selection of my work, but instead every page from both black books is photographed and accompanied by annotations in the back.”

The book is a luxury object with a thick leather cover and biographical notes where the artist traces the origins of his graffiti style as well as moments and cities which were critical to his formative years.


Conor Harrington: Watch Your Palace Fall

Published by Heni Publishing

conor-harrington-227x300Released by a british art publisher usually specialized in Francis Bacon or Gerhard Richter’s monographs and catalogues raisonnés, Watch Your Palace Fall is a well-deserved achievement for the London-based Irish street artist and painter, whose original graffiti practice evolved to street art and wall painting to a work more focused on studio paintings, influenced by the movement and gesture of graffiti, classical painting from the Siècle d’Or and modern english painting.

The monograph is organized between outdoor works and indoor pieces and is a comprehensive and high-quality book retracing Conor Harrington’s career to date, and is a good example of a successful trajectory from street art to contemporary art circles.



Saeio 2009 – 2014

Published by Editions Peinture

saeio-2009-2014Earlier in the year, French independent publishing house Editions Peinture published the first monograph of the French post-graffiti artist Saeio.

Spanning 5 years of street works from the member of the Parisian PAL Crew, the books distinguishes itself by an elegant and sober layout (rightfully inspired by the seminal CAP Crew book of 2007), and the originality of the paintings. Saeio’s graffiti style and paintings are redefining the practice of wall painting, tagging, and the way public spaces are utilized.

Saeio is blurring the lines of graffiti, deconstructing patterns, and fostering a modern and innovative approach of the genre.


Ericailcane 2000-2015: “Come Quando Fuori Non Piove”

Published by Z000 Press

ericailcane-2000-2015-come-quando-fuori-non-pioveEricailcane 2000-2015 is the first anthology of all the wall paintings by Ericailcane.

Ericailcane is an Italian street artist and painter versed in anthropomorphic, poetic and fairytale wall painting style. Often associated with Blu, Ericailcane brings a sense of wonderment to street painting and the book is an artistic tour de force that follows 15 years of activity with over 250 murals in more than 20 countries.





Christopher Stead: Acid Reign

Urban Spree Galerie presents “Acid Reign“, the first solo show in Germany of the British visual artist Christopher Stead.

Acid Reign is the culmination of a long-term residency at Lab Kalkhost in North Germany. Christopher Stead produced on the shores of the Baltic Sea several large format works, using a process mixing graffiti techniques and natural elements.

Cans of paint are burst with nails, sand and mud is flung. An alchemy between the paint and the land turns into a painterly concrete, cementing ideas, solidifying a tangible truth. The paintings are stuffed into rucksacks and returned to the studio where Ikea bags full of previous endeavours lie dormant ready to rework. A fecund process is born.

The fences used in the supports of the pieces are taken from decaying plots on the train lines.

Rusty fences, transgressed and twisted by nature are transported to the studio. The erosion of the metal emasculates the sterile man-made purity of the material. This gives each painting a story and a history. Every fence painting starts at night on the train tracks with a pair of bolt cutters and finds its way into the light of the studio and finally into the gaze of the public domain.

Artist Statement:

“Once upon a time, on a small island called Great Britain, there lived a lady called Margaret Thatcher. Margaret along with her Tory Party ruled the land with an iron fist and squeezed the living life out of its people. Fed up of a decade of draconian rule, the people began to gather and dance their woes away at their own party. They called this the Acid House party.

Race and class barriers were dissolved as the people united and raved as one big family. The Tory party didn’t like this as they weren’t invited, so they invented a law to stop the gathering of 20 or more people, dancing to the sounds of repetitive beats. Techno, Jungle, call it what you want. It had to stop. Whilst this may sound like a children’s horror story, it was in fact or certainly a young adults nightmare. 30 years on, the nightmare continues. Britain is again been torn apart by the right.

The paintings in Acid Reign were made on the beaches of former East Germany. 30 years ago these beaches were patrolled by the military to stop East Germans defecting to the west. Cans of paint were popped and squeezed upon the sand soaked canvas to create the acid rain.

The works seeks new places to hang. Inspired by Foucault’s concept of heterotopia, it finds solace in spaces of otherness. Informed by a youth growing up free, painting graffiti on the trains. Painting in the dark. Surrounded by fences, along the train tracks, in and on derelict buildings. Buildings which housed these parties. Places of abandon and neglect. Again, the work finds itself back in its familiar territory.

Acid Reign is emblematic of the freedom of movement in open spaces without borders. A freedom which is slowly being choked out of the people once again.”  Christopher Stead


Christopher Stead (b. 1974, UK) lives and works in London.

Tangled, torn, popped, squeezed and then hung in spaces of other, the work exists to evade the paradigms of commercial obedience, white cube boredom, and the polarities regimented by cultural hegemony.

Informed by Thatchers dystopian Britain and her Acid House love child, the work explores free movement in spaces without borders. 

In 2016 Stead graduated with a First Class BA Hons in Fine Art at the City and Guilds of London Art School, London, where he received the Painter – Stainers Scholarship Prize and Brian Till Art History Thesis Award. 



Christopher Stead

“Acid Reign”

Solo Show at Urban Spree Galerie

Vernissage: Thursday, May 23rd, from 19:00

Exhibition: 24.05.2019-09.06.2019

Opening Hours: Tu-Su 12:00-19:00


Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Infos & Catalogue: pascal@urbanspree.com



Pictoplasma Academy All Stars Group Show

For the 4th consecutive year, Urban Spree Galerie hosts the Academy All Stars Group Show from May 10th to May 14th, 2017, on the occasion of the Pictoplasma Festival. The vernissage will be held on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017, between 16:00 and 19:00.

The Academy All Stars Group Show is the most extensive show of the 13. Pictoplasma Festival, with works and installations by the 22 alumni of the Pictoplasma Academy 2016.

Challenged by renowned illustrators, artists, animation filmmakers, and sculptors, participants explored and developed their personal, character-driven projects. The Academy All Stars group show presents their diverse talents and features sculptures, paintings, drawings, interactive installations, and a multitude of new character worlds.



May 10-14, 2017

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Wednesday-Sunday: 12:00-20:00

Saturday: 12:00-22:00. Nocturne for the Club Character Party

Vernissage on Wednesday, May 10th, 16:00-19:00


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The most extensive show of the 13. Pictoplasma Festival is held at Urban Spree, with works by the 22 alumni of the Pictoplasma Academy 2016.

Challenged by renowned illustrators, artists, animation filmmakers, and sculptors, participants explored and developed their personal, character-driven projects. The Academy All Stars group show presents their diverse talents and features sculptures, paintings, drawings, interactive installations, and a multitude of new character worlds.


May 10-14, 2017

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Wednesday-Sunday: 12:00-20:00

Saturday: 12:00-22:00. Nocturne for the Club Character Party

Vernissage on Wednesday, May 10th, 16:00-19:00


Featuring the works of:


Ana Jiménez (SP)


Ana Jiménez is a Spanish game artist, currently based in Berlin. Her main field of experience is in casual games for companies like Digital Chocolate or King. ‘Mercrominah’ is Ana’s alter ego—a personal project she started when spending a year in Sweden. The project has meanwhile acquired quite a following in social networks, and Ana hopes it will continue to make people laugh for a long time.

Anna (PL)


Anna is a Polish illustrator and designer based in London, and a fan of mixing digital and traditional techniques. She is interested in visual structures, life drawing and the expression that different tools imply. It can be a brush, a potato stamp or drawing software—each unfolds its particular aesthetics.

Brian Neong San (MU)


Brian Neong San is a character animator and designer. Born in Mauritius, he currently lives in Australia; as digital nomad, he is often found freelancing remotely from other places. This mobility inspires his inventive work, and he is passionate to bring characters to life through motion, emotion and storytelling. Frequently referred to as a digital character puppeteer, Brian delivers the artistic creation and animation of 2D characters for short films, motion graphics and interactive projects.

Camilo Vanegas (CO)


Camilo Vanegas is an animation artist from Colombia based in California. He holds a BFA in Visual Arts from Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogotá, and a MFA in Character Animation from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. For Camilo, exploring the characters’ personalities and how they deal with their internal conflicts has been the main source of inspiration. He currently works at Supergiant Games, where he has created characters for ‘Transistor’ (2014) and ‘Pyre’ (2017).

Christina Reck (DE)


Christina Reck is an art director based in Berlin where she works in digital advertising. She developed a huge fascination for drawing and painting at an early age, and illustration became her favorite form of expression while studying communication design. In her professional work, she focuses on digital design and infographics. Her personal work is more experimental, she is exploring different styles and techniques, both digital and analogue.

Eloi Costilludo (SP)


Eloi Costilludo is a video artist from Barcelona, where he works as video producer and VJ at legendary Razzmatazz nightclub. He started his career as computer engineer and graphic designer for the Barnamob collective for urban performance. Today, he is mainly producing video installations, and exhibits regularly in galleries.

Erika del Pino (UY)


Erika del Pino is a theater designer from Montevideo, where she encounters and plays with strange and rare characters. Inspired by animals and taxidermy, her creations are born from her inner world to explore the sensation of a distorted reality. She believes that everything that once had life can live again—transformed, deformed.

Ifiyenia Kamperi (GR)


Ifiyenia Kamperi is a painter and illustrator working in her studio in Athens. Her work ranges from painting and printmaking to comics, fanzines and doll making. She draws inspiration from her cats and dogs, politics, rockumentaries, the subconscious and life’s banality. Ifiyenia is co-founder of the drawing collective Urban Pencils, she has been featured in exhibitions and illustrated books, taught art to children and produced crafts under the brand Birds On Lemons.

Inga Seidl (AT)


Inga Seidl is an Austrian graphic designer and illustrator. For a decade, she has been running her independent corporate design agency for clients with an environmental focus. Inga has a strong relation to nature, where she spends as much time as she can. Obviously, her character design is influenced by her life long experience with animals— and especially horses.

Janine Krieg (DE)


Janine Krieg aka Jane War creates art to communicate with the world. Currently based in Munich, she works in post-production for movies, TV and advertisement, both in 2D and 3D. Jane is haunted by crazy creatures, which make her see characters everywhere. Her personal illustration and animation is all about her emotions, and as she stays curious to explore different styles and media.

Jon Dunleavy (UK)


Jon Dunleavy is a director of animated films, working in multiple genres with a particular love for characterizing. His narrative themes range from greed to comic tragedy and phone-based love triangles. His films have been honored with awards from the British Animation Awards to the Cannes Short Film Corner.

Kami Goertz (CA)


Kami Goertz is a self-taught multidisciplinary fiber artist who creates plush characters and soft sculptures for humans to enjoy. Forest walks and gardening, moods, textures and animals (real or imagined) all inspire her creative process. Her work has been exhibited in the US and Canada as well as published in magazines focusing on the creation of plush toys.

Larissa Honsek (DE)


Larissa Honsek aka Novemberkind is a Berlin-based graphic designer, photographer and illustrator exploring the intersections of these fields. Her tribe of bright and colorful characters is born from experimenting with a multitude of mixed media: clay sculpting, photography, digital and analogue collage, painting, drawing, printing, scanning… Larissa is currently working as a graphic design freelancer, and she is the co-founder of NiNo kreativ, a small company that produces kids stationary and creative school supplies.

Negyedy Virág (HU)


Negyedy Virág is currently studying animation at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. Her passion is character design, and she finds it very exciting to bring her creations to life in animated form. She likes to experiment with different media and techniques, and she is committed to learn as many things as possible while searching for her place in the world.

Oliver Téllez (MX)


Oliver Téllez is an architect and illustrator from Mexico City, who has liked to spend his time drawing and day dreaming since childhood. He is keen to create wild places with saturated imagery in order to test the behavior of his characters—and understand his own. Oliver usually incorporates elements of architecture into his illustrations as his interest extends to constructing visions of time and space.

Paulina Rasińska (PL)


Paulina Rasińska is an artist from Warsaw, living and working in Antwerp. After graduating at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in animation and photography, she focused on creating picture books for children. Until today, children are her favorite audience, whose knowledge and sensibility she aims to expand. She finds her strongest inspiration in the world of curiosities nature provides, and she loves telling stories about animals and plants.

Sabina Karasegh (AT)


Sabina Karasegh is an Austrian graphic designer and artist. Informed by her hometown Vienna and its particular attitude she always looks for recurrent patterns in every day life and correspondences between the micro- and macrocosm. Her graphic prints transform perspectives into black and white, working out contours and considering the white spaces.

Silvia Panicali (IT)


Silvia Panicali is a multifaceted creative talent born in Italy. Always looking for new forms of visual expression, she tries to represent the growth of her personality and her feelings by looking at them from the point of view of a child. Silvia has been strongly influenced by Belgian comics thanks to her mother’s origins, and she developed her style starting from photography and moving later to illustration and 2D animation.

Sjors Houkes (NL)


Sjors Houkes is a Dutch illustrator and voice over artist living in Berlin. As a film scholar interested in all aspects of visual culture he curated, promoted and exhibited independent video games and animation. These elements have found their way into his own work. Besides occasionally making games, voice acting or writing, most of his creative time is spent drawing: His honest ink and watercolor drawings are inspired by people, videogames, the beauty of nature and the quirks of the human mind.

Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat (DOM)


Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat is a Dominican illustrator and animator, with a profound love of telling stories. He sees his work as magic-realism, evoking his surreal experience of growing up in the Caribbean. His world is personal and intimate, with characters full of colors and textures, drawn into situations outside of their comfort zone.

Zarella Solís (PER)


Zarella Solís is a graphic designer from Lima. Her toys, designs and art pieces are handmade with the traditional techniques of sewing, embroidery and textile application. The intention of her work is to further the interest in and appreciation for crafts in the digital age.

Zeynep Solakoglu (TUR)


Zeynep Solakoglu is an artist and illustrator based in Istanbul. She is inspired by mythologies, fairytales, and indigenous stories from all parts of the world. She believes they all represent universal themes and connect us holistically, so when people look at her work, they will all find parts of themselves. Zeynep has been drawing characters and writing stories since she was a child, and she likes the idea of having one part of her in every character, evolving with them as years pass.


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Die neuen Schweden 2016

3-Day Music Industry Crawl & Showcase with 3 new bands from Sweden. DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN Showcase will take place at Urban Spree on Aug 30 and will be free for everyone.

(see English description below)

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN kommen wieder! Nach einem erfolgreichen Start im letzten Jahr, laden wir dieses Jahr zusammen mit dem schwedischen Bildungsinstitut Sensus Musik erneut drei schwedische Nachwuchsbands für drei Tage nach Berlin ein, machen mit ihnen eine Music Crawl durch die Hauptstadt und präsentieren einen Showcase-Abend in der Urban Spree.

Dabei wagen wir gemeinsam mit den drei Bands einen Blick hinter die Kulissen der Berliner Musikindustrie, treffen ortsansässige Tourveranstalter, Labels, Radiosender, Agenturen, Journalisten – eben die MacherInnen dieser musikverliebten Stadt.

Neben all dem Kennenlernen, werden die Bands mit Hinblick auf ein Bildungsprojekt, natürlich auch gefordert & gefördert. In einem von uns durchgeführten Workshop werden die jungen Musiker in Bezug auf Pressearbeit und Profiling trainiert und ihnen gutgemeinte Tipps & Tricks verraten. Als persönliche Krönung dieser aufregenden Tage werden die Bands am zweiten Tag einen Showcase unter dem Namen DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN in der Urban Spree spielen.

Die Künstler, die an diesem Projekt teilnehmen, wurden von uns sorgfältig aus einer Vielzahl von Bewerbern für das Projekt ausgewählt.

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉



KHOE lieben Kontraste. Mit einer Kombination aus Soul – und Elektroeinflüssen, gepaart mit der kraftvollen Stimme von Isabel Neib gelingt es KHOE eine neue Form des R&B zu kreieren. Ihre erste Single „WLYT“ veröffentlichte das schwedische Duo Anfang 2015. Seitdem arbeiten KHOE eng mit der internationalen Marke Absolut Art zusammen, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, die Lücke zwischen Künstlern und Kunstliebhabern zu schließen. KHOEs Musik ist nun Teil von Kunstausstellungen in Stockholm, Berlin und Los Angeles. Bald veröffentlicht das Duo auch ihre Debüt-EP. Wir freuen uns auf einen Mix aus harmonischen Melodien und unerwarteten Bass Drums.

Website: http://khoeofficial.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/khoeofficial

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉


Mit melodischen Texten, bezaubernden Harmonien und kräftigen Beats erfindet Julia Clara ihren eigenen, einzigartigen Stil. Auf der Bühne präsentiert die junge schwedische Künstlerin ihre Songs selbstbewusst mit einer Gitarre in der Hand und berührt damit die Herzen ihres Publikums. Nachdem Julia Clara eine Zeit lang vor allem mit Cover-Songs in ihrer Heimat, den Åland Inseln auftrat, fühlte sie sich nach einem Jahr Musikstudium in Brighton endlich auch bereit ihre eigenen Geschichten, Hoffnungen und Ängste in Form von selbstgeschriebenen Liedern mit der Welt zu teilen. Sie begann Demos in ihrem Schlafzimmer zu produzieren und diese online zu stellen. Anschließend folgten diverse Gigs in Schweden und England, darunter auch ein Auftritt auf dem Rookie Festivalen in Hultsfred. Im Moment verbringt Julia Clara ihre Zeit hauptsächlich im Studio, um dieses Jahr noch ihr offizielles Debüt zu veröffentlichen.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/juliaclaramusic

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

Red Mecca

Red Mecca – das sind Jan Strandqvist (ehemals Mitglied der Postpunk-Band „Brända Barn“) und Frida Madeleine, die sich 2013 kennenlernten und schon kurz darauf begannen gemeinsam Musik zu machen. Das Duo versteht es, sich gegenseitig zu inspirieren und produzierten mit ihrer gemeinsamen Liebe zur Musik bisher zwei Alben und eine EP. Bereits mit ihrem ersten Album “Covered With Rain” gelang es Red Mecca sowohl Fans als auch Kritiker zu überzeugen. Schließlich listeten Gaffa und das Release Magazine ihr Album als eines der besten Releases des Jahres 2014. Auch das zweite Album “Electricity” wurde hochgelobt von Kritikern aus Europa und den USA. In den letzten zwei Jahren tourten die beiden auf Festivals und in Clubs in ganz Skandinavien – Red Mecca sind berühmt für ihre einzigartigen Live Auftritte!

Website: https://www.redmecca.se/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/redmecca

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

Together with Swedish educational institute SENSUS MUSIK we have developed an exciting project. End of August we will invite three Swedish newcomer bands to Berlin to show the fascinating music sights of Berlin, introduce them to relevant players of the music industry and let them perform a real gig at Urban Spree under the title: DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN.

The young and aspiring musicians will get the chance to take a look behind the thick curtain of the music industry. To be precise, we will introduce the young Swedes to local booking agencies, labels, radio stations, music agencies & magazines to say Hi! and have a little chat with them.

With regard to an educational purpose, the bands will be postulated and encouraged within a workshop. They will be revealed to some tips and tricks for press work and band profiling. As the absolute personal highlight of the trip, all three bands will play a showcase at Urban Spree, titled DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN (“The new Swedes”).

All artists taking part in this project are introduced in the following part. They were chosen by us out of a multiplicity of applicants for the project.

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉


KHOE is the Swedish-native duo blessing us with their perspective of alt-R&B. Containing a singer with a staggering vocal range and a producer with electrifying instrumentation, this is nothing to close your ears on. Since releasing their single early 2015, “WLYT”, KHOE have spent most of their time in a collaboration with launch of international brand, Absolut Art, where you can find their music in art exhibitions around Berlin, Stockholm and Los Angeles. And soon finishing their debut EP, you can hear influences of soul and electronic music. They will prove listeners how they effortless capture the combination of atmospheric melodies with unexpected bass drums. KHOE loves contrasts.

Website: http://khoeofficial.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/khoeofficial

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉


Julia Clara is an artist who has created her unique sound with melodic lines, enchanting harmonies and strong beats. She usually performs her songs with a guitar in her hands, in a style of daring confidence and with a stage presence that captures hearts. Julia Clara gathered a lot of inspiration and new influences from her year of studying music in Brighton. After a past of singing covers in the corners of local restaurants on the Åland Islands, where she grew up, she then finally felt ready to share her own thoughts, stories, hopes and fears with the world in the shape of self-written songs. She started recording and producing demos in her bedroom and posted them online, which led to numerous gigs around Sweden, England and the Åland Islands, including a gig on the reputable Rookiefestivalen in Hultsfred last year. Julia Clara is currently in the studio, recording her tracks in Stockholm, for an official debut release later this year.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/juliaclaramusic

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

Red Mecca

The band consisting of Jan Strandqvist (former member of postpunk pioneers “Brända Barn”) and Frida Madeleine, met in 2013 and started working together shortly thereafter. Inspired by one another’s way of expressing themselves through music they have since then produced two full-lenght albums and one EP.

Red Mecca have done a massive impression among critics and fans as a result of their first full length album “Covered With Rain”. Both ‘’Gaffa’’ and ‘’Release Magazine’’ listed the album as one of the most important releases 2014. 2nd album Electricity was amongst the top 5 most critically acclaimed albums in February 2016 in Sweden and also gained top score from critics in Europe and USA.

In the last two years Red Mecca has toured festivals and clubs around Scandinavia, and the band has become well known for their emotionally gripping live shows

Website: https://www.redmecca.se/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/redmecca

FB Event


♥ #berlinmidsommar ♥

Nordic by Nature, Urban Spree, Norr Magazine, FluxFM, Berlin Sessions, SPEX & Kaltblut present:

BERLIN MIDSOMMAR FESTIVAL 2016 – June 24 – Urban Spree

We will bring Scandinavia’s longest and most beautiful day MIDSOMMAR back to Berlin. Let’s come together at Urban Spree on June 24th to dance Små Grodorna around the Majstång, drink Nubbe, eat Sill, play games, watch bands and djs, jump into a Finnish sauna and put flowers around our heads.

☼ LIVE ☼


CHAIN WALLET (Bergen, Norway)

☼ DJs ☼


16.00 Flowers, Games, Finnish Sauna, free ice cream &
Midsommar goodie bags for the first 100 guests
19.00 CHAIN WALLET (NO, live)
20.00 Maypole Dancing
20.15 LISA ALMA (DK, live)
20.45 Pop Slutties (Kaltblut, DJ)
21.30 WANGEL (DK, live)
22.00 Maypole Dancing
22.15 Pop Slutties (Kaltblut, DJ)
23.00 LORD PUSSWHIP (IS, live)
00.00 GNUČČI (SE, live)
00.30 Sascha Schlegel (FluxFM, DJ)
02.30 Justlikesnow & Foxy Mulder (Stockholm, DJ)

☼ FOOD ☼
The Future of Hot Dogs and Köttbullar by Bone.Berlin //
Blümchenwaffeln mit Gänseblümchen und Kapuziner Kresse & Green Smoothies by Juli’s Teaparty //
Gluten-free vegetarian/vegan dishes by Tapiocaria //
Sill & Potatis by Nordic by Nature
Ice cream by Kauf Dich Glücklich

FREE TICKETS are closed! You need to bring your free ticket PRINTED! There will be tickets to buy for 10€ at the festival.

Subscribe to the Midsommar mailing list to receive all info & special give aways first:

Thanks to NORR Skandinavien-MagazinSomersbyairberlinGöteborg/Gothenburg: The Official GuideOur/Berlin VodkaVoelkelRaumfeld, Dänische Botschaft Berlin & Laitilan Juomat – Laadultaan parhaat for being our support and partners in crime!

** artwork by Linnea’s Brother