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FAVE RAVE – DJ Special

FAVE RAVE DJ SPECIAL – 101% Dance Craze all night long on two floors!
Hey Rowdys!
Due to several requests we do another Fave Rave with DJ’s ONLY! Means nonstop dance action from the beginning to the bitter end! NO BANDS! A fistful of the best DJs in town spin the finest in Punk, New Wave, Garage, Psych, Heavyrock, 90s Noiserock, Synth, Postpunk, Italo Disco, etc.!

Line Up:
ODD COUPLE DJ-TEAM (Jascha & Tammo / Cargo Records)
TECH NOIR (Hellstryker & MarKüss / Urban Spree)
GURR DJs (Andreya Casablanca / 8MM Bar)
PATT WHELAN (Wowsville / Bläckfisk)
ALVAR RAW BEAT (Sick Horse / Modern Pets)
HENDRIK APFEL (8MM Bar / Fave Rave)

Main Floor: Punk / Garage / Psych & Heavyrock
Basement: Italo Disco / Synthwave / 80s Electro / Nu Disco

Doors Open: 23.00h
Urban Spree, Revaler Str. 99 (RAW, next to Astra), S&U-Bahn Warschauer Strasse

Fave Rave is Berlin’s hot spot for Punk, NewWave, IndieRock, Garage and Psychedelic Rock. Top notch live bands and party all night long, now and then at “Urban Spree”, perfectly located on the RAW area in Friedrichshain, next to Astra, Cassiopeia and Badehaus.

For more infos check: facebook.com/faveraveberlin

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// Drugdealer
05.04. Berlin, Urban Spree

Inspiriert von Jean Baudrillard, Social Media, Sergio Leones Spaghetti Western und Michael Collins (ex Run DMT und Salvia Plath), kreist eine illustre Schar von Künstlern aus L.A. um eben diesen, wie um eine Sonne.

Mit “The End Of Comedy” veröffentlicht Michael Collins das Debütalbum seines neusten Projekts – Drugdealer – und lässt hier die Freunde wie viele kleine Sonnen aufscheinen, macht sie zum Zentrum seiner Songs. Teile des Systems sind Ariel Pink (”Easy to Forget”), Danny James (“My Life)”, Natalie Mering und Laurel Canyon (“Fictional Pictures”), Mitglieder von Regal Degal, Holy Shit!, Mild High Club, Mr. Twin Sister und Mac DeMarco’s Band.

“The End Of Comedy” das sind Carole King­-hafte Piano Balladen, Bacharach-artige Orchestrierungen, Psychadelic Folk ala Ultimate Spinach oder Hendrickson Road House und New York City U-Bahn Jazz.

‘Berlin 2014-2016’: instant portraits by Twoone

Urban Spree and Twoone release a limited edition 3-colour risograph book.

Designed during his Residency at Urban Spree in July 2016, the 60-page risograph book ‘Berlin 2014-2016’ is the result of 2 years of intense portrait sketches by the Japanese artist in the german capital. Quickly executed in U-Bahn and S-Bahn, on street corners, in bars and parks, the fast portraits of Twoone capture a vivid reality of the Berlin life.

Capture d'écran 2016-08-22 21.45.00The choice of risograph printing was made for its capacity to reproduce the colors and texture of the original drawings. 3 colors, i.e. 3 layers have been printed sequentially.

The project was made possible owing to the printing skills of Drucken 3000 in Berlin and Kelly Jewell’s book design skills.

Capture d'écran 2016-08-22 21.44.31

The book comes as a limited edition of 200 hand-numbered and signed copies and is available in the Urban Spree bookshop in Berlin and online here.



"Burning Down the House" Special Edition Release

As part of Norman Behrendt‘s upcoming solo show at Urban Spree, we will receive a few copies of the Special Edition of the photobook “Burning Down the House“.


Issued in January 2015, the normal edition sold out in only a couple of months and now fetches high prices on the secondary market.

bdth-specialedition-03The Special Edition is limited to 30 copies, signed and numbered.

Unlike the regular U-Bahn edition, the book cover of the Special Edition is made of the original and historic S-Bahn Berlin anti-graffiti upholstery fabric and housed in a unique black slipcase signed by the graffiti writers.

The Special Edition also comes with a signed inkjet print on Hahnemühle Photorag 308g (19x19cm, paper: 21×29,7cm), 3 possible images for choice in an edition of 10, each to be chosen within the 3 portraits below:

The book will be available for order directly on the photographer’s website early July => http://www.burningdownthehouse.de

Metroidz: Graffiti Group Show Opening & Exhibition

Flyer WebUrban Spree Galerie proudly invites you to the opening of the first show of the 2015 season, “Metroidz”.

After the successful series of hand painted variations on the Teufelsberg print last year, we wanted to launch a new print series focused on subways and graffiti, with a first edition rooted in Berlin.

The choice of the artist responsible for the drawing was cast on French artist Niklos for his capacity to create an original drawing based on a real & imaginary Berlin cityscape with high density backgrounds, sci-fi elements “à la Moebius” and lots of attention to details.

An edition of 40 prints was screen printed by Dolly at her Urban Spree studio in an edition of 2 colors, black and ‘yellow U-Bahn’ on 270 gsm archival paper, in a large 100 x 70 cm format.

Against this backdrop, French photographer Thorfine, curator of the show, has asked 20 Berlin-based & still active graffiti writers to be part of the project and project their art and vision on the print.

The resulting line-up is one of the strongest Berlin has to offer:

Fach – Trik – Spirit – Roza – 1UP Crew – Poet – Fino – Quis – Tour -Shade – Bas2 – Chika – Igid – Inka – Leroy – Roger – Pesd – Eshok -Stereo – Tin

The Metroidz series can be viewed as a historic slice of the Berlin subway graffiti culture of the past decade as well as a strong artistic manifesto for Berlin style writing, in a format never attempted before.

The 20 prints will be presented on Saturday, February 28th, 2015 at the Urban Spree Galerie, with 3 additional A/P prints hand painted by Niklos himself.


Niklos will draw directly on the gallery walls to create an original scenography for the print show.

The regular, 2 color edition print series will also be available at the galerie in a limited run of 20 prints.

Exhibition curated by Thorfine, supported by Montana Cans and The Grifters.

Vernissage; Saturday, February 28th, 2015
Urban Spree Galerie
Warschauer x Revaler Str.
10245 Berlin Friedrichshain
Doors: 19:00

Exhibition: 01-20 March, 2015
12:00 – 19:00 or by appointment


The Teufelsberg series:

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