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Urban Spree at UAF Paris 2018

Urban Spree returns for the third consecutive year to the Paris Urban Art Fair from 12th to 15th of April 2018.


We will be presenting a duo show with two Berlin-based artists represented by the gallery, Hendrik Czakainski (GER) and Tavar Zawacki (USA). Both artists will be present during the Fair.


One of the highlights of the Urban Spree booth will be the presentation of a triptych by Hendrik Czakainski (see below). This artwork in 3 framed panels has a size of 288 cm long by 160 cm high. The german artist is known for his 3D surreal visions of urban and industrial settlements, prone to chaos, uncertainty and destruction, however reaching a formal and hypnotic abstracted beauty.


Urban Spree Prints will also release a limited edition 15-colour screen print set of the triptych work, masterly crafted at the Urban Spree Studios by Dolly Demoratti. This release is exclusive to the fair and will be launched at the Opening.

Urban Spree will also be presenting 6 new medium-sized works on canvas (120 x 90 cm) by Tavar Zawacki aka ABOVE. A further step away from his iconic “arrow” motive towards geometric abstraction and hard-edged painting, Tavar’s new works are subtle trompe l’oeil and variations perfectly executed in a muted color range. We will also introduce a new series of resin cut-out works from the Californian artist.


Tavar will sign copies of his book Metamorphosis – published by Urban Spree Books in September 2017 – on Saturday 14.04 at 16:00 on the Urban Spree booth.


We will also show some calligraphic works on paper by Bisco Smith and Jonas “Sun7” Bournat.



4, Rue Eugene Spuller
75003 Paris, France

12 >15 avril 2018

Distel + Alvar live in Berlin

[aufnahme + wiedergabe] presents:

Distel (NL) live
(ant-zen / [aufnahme + wiedergabe])
www.aufnahmeundwiedergabe.de/wapens Alvar (SWE) live
(Daft Records / Beläten)
www.facebook.com/ALVAR-1426441654247820/ The Brvtalist (US)
www.thebrvtalist.com Philipp Strobel (D)
“underneath DISTEL’s third full length release lies a thorough personal re-evaluation of truth, unveiling and being. ‘wapens’ is the dutch word for ‘weapons’ and also translates to ‘family crests‘ or ‘coats of arms‘. however, a third sense, more specifically related to the kindred word ‘wapenen‘, is explored in the title track’s lyrics which propose a state of being wherein the self becomes an existential monolith – becomes focally reinforced in the sense that its presence refers first and foremost to only its own individual being instead of the networks of meaning that we tend to define ourselves by.
DISTEL’s intention while working on this album was to achieve a more direct, massive and monolithic sound than before: to channel most energy through an insistent impulse within the rhythmic and melodic movement – from stomping stabs to legato motion – and make every other embellishment secondary. this initial thought is the core of the music on this album and an overall synthesised modern classical mode is the guideline for new tracks. another aim is to show more colour, truth and openness – and this openness is obviously echoed in the sound of the album itself. thematically ‘wapens’ includes many references to end times, apocalyptic visions, embodiment and authenticity towards death. while its predecessors presented the ‘muffled sounds from within’, now the pandora‘s box has been opened for all to gaze upon its vast spectrum of horrors.
the self-applied tag ‘ultra / angst pop’ could now be redefined from the original industrial-based minimal electronics into a unique contemporary strain of high energy synth-pop-noir, or ‘dark energy’. a quite evocative mixture of excellent subliminal rhythm machine programming, predominant purging keyboard lines and swirling spectral vocals result in twisted dark wave pieces with a catchy approach carrying an overwhelming, coercive energy.”

“After the highly successful first album ‘Guilt Kollektion’ – sold out almost immediately – here comes the long awaited brand new album by the still young Swedish EBM institution, containing 11 tracks of amazing darknoise and EBM! ALVAR: pulsing, shadows, thrilling rhythms, furious loops and a feeling of total takeover of your soul.
ALVAR from Öland/Sweden, ‘discovered’ by Dirk Ivens (Klinik, Absolute Body Control, Sonar, Dive… & founder of Daft) 2 years ago, making music inspired by deserted places, forgotten houses and old legends. Alvar offer a clash between techno, old school industrial and EBM in a unique combination that makes this fresh new act extraordinary!”

Urban Spree (RAW-Area)
Revaler Str. 99/Warschauer Str.
10245 Berlin
www.urbanspree.com www.facebook.com/urbanspree Tickets: http://aufnahmeundwiedergabe.bigcartel.com/product/distel-alvar-live-23-03-urban-spree www.aufnahmeundwiedergabe.de

Common Eider, King Eider / Drekka / Margenrot / Visions

[aufnahme + wiedergabe] presents:

Common Eider, King Eider live
(USA / Cold SpringCyclic Law)

Drekka live
(USA / Dais Records)

Margenrot live
-German debut show-
(RUS / Klammklang[aufnahme + wiedergabe])

Visions live
(CAN / Cyclic Law)

[aufnahme + wiedergabe]

Urban Spree
Revaler Str. 99/Warschauer Str.
10245 Berlin





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Night Shift ft. Zanias

Lenny Cartwright and Forensics Kollektiv present: Night Shift
23H30 – 06H00+

The sun comes down and with it the day shift comes to an end. It is time for the night shift to take over.

Creatures of the night, replicants, angelic faces and spectators hungry for strangeness give themselves to the carefreeness of the 80s in a club turned for a night into a house of the underground.

On the program: Live Concert, Drag Shows, New Wave, Synthpop, Dark Wave, Goth, Minimal Wave, EBM, Post-Punk, Italo-disco and Retro Wave over two floors.

For its second edition, Night Shift welcomes a dear friend of Forensics Kollektiv who is no stranger to our stage, having performed at Tech Noire, our sister party in Paris: Zanias.

Zanias was born in Australia, raised in South-East Asia and now resides in Berlin. She was once known as the voice of the bands Linea Aspera and Keluar, and now performs and DJs as a solo artist.
Her debut EP ‘To the Core’ was produced in collaboration with Alex Akers of the band Forces, a process which was completed in a dilapidated beach house on Australia’s desolate and wild southern coast in February 2016, and released in September on Austrian label Noiztank. Tying together industrial rhythms and unearthly vocals, the four tracks explore an intrinsically human journey through loss and upheaval.
In addition to performance and production, Zanias is a member of Berlin’s Fleisch collective, an amalgam of DJs with primary careers as musicians and designers, and a taste for electronic body music, new beat, industrial, acid, and the darker, wavier fringes of techno. In 2016 their parties gave way to the founding of a record label, which made its debut with Schwefelgelb’s body music masterpiece ‘Wie Die Finger Durch Den Nebel’.

At the DJ booth, our resident DJs Al Niklaus, Bunker Bal and Inept Pernicious will be joined by three special guests. A staple of goth nightlife, producer of prominent underground parties such as Ceremonies and Death# Disco: Ian P. Christ; and resident DJs at Tech Noire, Night Shift’s sister party in Paris, and queer duo extraordinaire: Law & Haktion.
They will take you back to the sweet effervescence of the 80s with New Wave, Synthpop, Dark Wave, Goth, Minimal Wave, EBM, Post-Punk, Italo-disco and Retro Wave beats.

On the drag stage, our hostess Ghōst will be joined by Antina Christ, a figure of the House of Presents and a goth at heart, and Dis Charge, who comes all the way from Bristol to bring you the most outrageous show in town.

Night Shift is a LGBT+, hetero-inclusive bimestrial event.

We pride ourselves on being a safe space for LGBTQIA+ individuals, their allies, and women: our team consists predominantly of female-identified and queer-identified folks.
All of our DJs and our drag performers are individuals who identify as being part of a counter-culture and our drag shows also fall under the umbrella of our music genres for a complete immersive experience.


∆ [Ground 0] REPLICANTS ∆


► Al Niklaus [Berlin] (New Wave, Synthpop, New Beat, EBM, Minimal Wave, Retro Wave)
► Law & Haktion [Paris] (New Wave, Synthpop, Goth, Post-Punk, EBM)
► Inept Pernicious [Berlin] (Dark Wave, Minimal Wave, EBM, Industrial)


► Zanias [Berlin]


► Ghōst [Berlin]
► Antina Christ [Berlin]
► Dis Charge [Bristol]


► Ian P. Christ [Berlin] (Minimal Wave, Goth, Batcave, Dark Wave, Post-Punk)
► Bunker Bal [Paris] (New Wave, Synthwave, Goth, Batcave, Post-Punk, Anarcho-Punk)


► Reality Pill

Flyer by Mika Soula.

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Sacrifice Seul – Graal – Pdt + Atao GT

Their Europa Summer Tour 2016 is leading them to play in Hungary, Slovakia, Ukrainia, Czechoslovakia, Germany and France. They make a stop in Berlin for a unique gig at Urban Spree.

—— Sacrifice seul + PDT live A/V(FR)

A live improvisation with no definite duration. A techno garage music born in a wet cave. The meeting between an electronic bazard and a soldering iron. A break of the codes and the structures imposed by current production tools.

– Music for BiT dance choregraphy (Maguy Marin – 2015):
– www.sacrificeseul.com
– www.soundcloud.com/sacrificeseul


—– Graal + PDT dj set A/V( (Le Cabanon – FR)

Through his performances, Graal is seeking about a certain form of crossbreeding – between traditional music and contemporary experiments – for the creation of an improvised sonic fog, hybrid and fragile. He’s co-running the records music label Le Cabanon, co-organizing VENINconcerts in Paris and creates music too.

– www.soundcloud.com/graaaaal
– www.lecabanonrecords.com


—– Sacrifice seul x Graal + PDT live/dj set A/V (FR)

For this tour, they will perform together as a super duo, full of machines and discs. The gathering of the living sound of the engines with the engraved sound of music support, offering a new experience of listening. An improvisation of textures, rhythms and concrete noise, pushing the boundaries of the performance format, without any computer.


—– Atao GT live + dj set (Seconde Zone – FR)

A strange ginger character, fine music selector and producer, who’s part of the infamous Dscrd 10-hands-band and part of Coup de Colère.

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Die neuen Schweden 2016

3-Day Music Industry Crawl & Showcase with 3 new bands from Sweden. DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN Showcase will take place at Urban Spree on Aug 30 and will be free for everyone.

(see English description below)

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN kommen wieder! Nach einem erfolgreichen Start im letzten Jahr, laden wir dieses Jahr zusammen mit dem schwedischen Bildungsinstitut Sensus Musik erneut drei schwedische Nachwuchsbands für drei Tage nach Berlin ein, machen mit ihnen eine Music Crawl durch die Hauptstadt und präsentieren einen Showcase-Abend in der Urban Spree.

Dabei wagen wir gemeinsam mit den drei Bands einen Blick hinter die Kulissen der Berliner Musikindustrie, treffen ortsansässige Tourveranstalter, Labels, Radiosender, Agenturen, Journalisten – eben die MacherInnen dieser musikverliebten Stadt.

Neben all dem Kennenlernen, werden die Bands mit Hinblick auf ein Bildungsprojekt, natürlich auch gefordert & gefördert. In einem von uns durchgeführten Workshop werden die jungen Musiker in Bezug auf Pressearbeit und Profiling trainiert und ihnen gutgemeinte Tipps & Tricks verraten. Als persönliche Krönung dieser aufregenden Tage werden die Bands am zweiten Tag einen Showcase unter dem Namen DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN in der Urban Spree spielen.

Die Künstler, die an diesem Projekt teilnehmen, wurden von uns sorgfältig aus einer Vielzahl von Bewerbern für das Projekt ausgewählt.

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉



KHOE lieben Kontraste. Mit einer Kombination aus Soul – und Elektroeinflüssen, gepaart mit der kraftvollen Stimme von Isabel Neib gelingt es KHOE eine neue Form des R&B zu kreieren. Ihre erste Single „WLYT“ veröffentlichte das schwedische Duo Anfang 2015. Seitdem arbeiten KHOE eng mit der internationalen Marke Absolut Art zusammen, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, die Lücke zwischen Künstlern und Kunstliebhabern zu schließen. KHOEs Musik ist nun Teil von Kunstausstellungen in Stockholm, Berlin und Los Angeles. Bald veröffentlicht das Duo auch ihre Debüt-EP. Wir freuen uns auf einen Mix aus harmonischen Melodien und unerwarteten Bass Drums.

Website: http://khoeofficial.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/khoeofficial

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉


Mit melodischen Texten, bezaubernden Harmonien und kräftigen Beats erfindet Julia Clara ihren eigenen, einzigartigen Stil. Auf der Bühne präsentiert die junge schwedische Künstlerin ihre Songs selbstbewusst mit einer Gitarre in der Hand und berührt damit die Herzen ihres Publikums. Nachdem Julia Clara eine Zeit lang vor allem mit Cover-Songs in ihrer Heimat, den Åland Inseln auftrat, fühlte sie sich nach einem Jahr Musikstudium in Brighton endlich auch bereit ihre eigenen Geschichten, Hoffnungen und Ängste in Form von selbstgeschriebenen Liedern mit der Welt zu teilen. Sie begann Demos in ihrem Schlafzimmer zu produzieren und diese online zu stellen. Anschließend folgten diverse Gigs in Schweden und England, darunter auch ein Auftritt auf dem Rookie Festivalen in Hultsfred. Im Moment verbringt Julia Clara ihre Zeit hauptsächlich im Studio, um dieses Jahr noch ihr offizielles Debüt zu veröffentlichen.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/juliaclaramusic

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

Red Mecca

Red Mecca – das sind Jan Strandqvist (ehemals Mitglied der Postpunk-Band „Brända Barn“) und Frida Madeleine, die sich 2013 kennenlernten und schon kurz darauf begannen gemeinsam Musik zu machen. Das Duo versteht es, sich gegenseitig zu inspirieren und produzierten mit ihrer gemeinsamen Liebe zur Musik bisher zwei Alben und eine EP. Bereits mit ihrem ersten Album “Covered With Rain” gelang es Red Mecca sowohl Fans als auch Kritiker zu überzeugen. Schließlich listeten Gaffa und das Release Magazine ihr Album als eines der besten Releases des Jahres 2014. Auch das zweite Album “Electricity” wurde hochgelobt von Kritikern aus Europa und den USA. In den letzten zwei Jahren tourten die beiden auf Festivals und in Clubs in ganz Skandinavien – Red Mecca sind berühmt für ihre einzigartigen Live Auftritte!

Website: https://www.redmecca.se/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/redmecca

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

Together with Swedish educational institute SENSUS MUSIK we have developed an exciting project. End of August we will invite three Swedish newcomer bands to Berlin to show the fascinating music sights of Berlin, introduce them to relevant players of the music industry and let them perform a real gig at Urban Spree under the title: DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN.

The young and aspiring musicians will get the chance to take a look behind the thick curtain of the music industry. To be precise, we will introduce the young Swedes to local booking agencies, labels, radio stations, music agencies & magazines to say Hi! and have a little chat with them.

With regard to an educational purpose, the bands will be postulated and encouraged within a workshop. They will be revealed to some tips and tricks for press work and band profiling. As the absolute personal highlight of the trip, all three bands will play a showcase at Urban Spree, titled DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN (“The new Swedes”).

All artists taking part in this project are introduced in the following part. They were chosen by us out of a multiplicity of applicants for the project.

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉


KHOE is the Swedish-native duo blessing us with their perspective of alt-R&B. Containing a singer with a staggering vocal range and a producer with electrifying instrumentation, this is nothing to close your ears on. Since releasing their single early 2015, “WLYT”, KHOE have spent most of their time in a collaboration with launch of international brand, Absolut Art, where you can find their music in art exhibitions around Berlin, Stockholm and Los Angeles. And soon finishing their debut EP, you can hear influences of soul and electronic music. They will prove listeners how they effortless capture the combination of atmospheric melodies with unexpected bass drums. KHOE loves contrasts.

Website: http://khoeofficial.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/khoeofficial

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉


Julia Clara is an artist who has created her unique sound with melodic lines, enchanting harmonies and strong beats. She usually performs her songs with a guitar in her hands, in a style of daring confidence and with a stage presence that captures hearts. Julia Clara gathered a lot of inspiration and new influences from her year of studying music in Brighton. After a past of singing covers in the corners of local restaurants on the Åland Islands, where she grew up, she then finally felt ready to share her own thoughts, stories, hopes and fears with the world in the shape of self-written songs. She started recording and producing demos in her bedroom and posted them online, which led to numerous gigs around Sweden, England and the Åland Islands, including a gig on the reputable Rookiefestivalen in Hultsfred last year. Julia Clara is currently in the studio, recording her tracks in Stockholm, for an official debut release later this year.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/juliaclaramusic

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

Red Mecca

The band consisting of Jan Strandqvist (former member of postpunk pioneers “Brända Barn”) and Frida Madeleine, met in 2013 and started working together shortly thereafter. Inspired by one another’s way of expressing themselves through music they have since then produced two full-lenght albums and one EP.

Red Mecca have done a massive impression among critics and fans as a result of their first full length album “Covered With Rain”. Both ‘’Gaffa’’ and ‘’Release Magazine’’ listed the album as one of the most important releases 2014. 2nd album Electricity was amongst the top 5 most critically acclaimed albums in February 2016 in Sweden and also gained top score from critics in Europe and USA.

In the last two years Red Mecca has toured festivals and clubs around Scandinavia, and the band has become well known for their emotionally gripping live shows

Website: https://www.redmecca.se/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/redmecca

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