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Rattapack // rough, hard, loud & loving

Every first Friday of the month at Urban Spree

// rough, hard, loud & loving //

♫ Best Techno & Live Rap ♫

Right after New Year`s we’ll start into 2018 with with a bang.

Rattapack is the new event series which unites the creator of Symbiotikka/KitKat and a bunch of the most outstanding artists from the Berlin techno and rap scene in one big happening.

In the club of the Urban Spree, DJs like Grace Thompson, Chris Knipp, DJ Jordan oder Match Hoffman are gonna play a tough and hard-lined kind of techno sound which you may never have heard from them like this ever before.

What’s more ? A few new comers like Dr Double U from Belgium or the revolutionary duo Wallace & Wonker!

Whereas in the Boiler Room wich you will find in the basement, it’s gonna get hot, intimate and sweaty with the best old school hip hop tracks by Jah Fish, Rap/Funk beats thanks to the fascinating duo called The Brides and not at least live rap-vocals by Lexodus from London, with full power.

This is gonna be an awesome night, that sets every visitor on fire and in case you’re wondering – yes, you WILL dance! Whoop, whoop!

The party Rattapack with new surprises all along will then take place every first friday of the month at Urban Spree.


>>> Techno Floor <<<

Grace Thompson

Wallace & Wonker

Chris Knipp

DJ Jordan

Match Hoffman

Dr Double U

>>> Live Rap Boiler Room <<<

Lexodus (live)

Jah Fish

The Brides

Entry: 12,- €