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Rattapack // rough, hard, loud & loving

Every first Friday of the month at Urban Spree

// rough, hard, loud & loving //

♫ Best Techno & Live Rap ♫

Right after New Year`s we’ll start into 2018 with with a bang.

Rattapack is the new event series which unites the creator of Symbiotikka/KitKat and a bunch of the most outstanding artists from the Berlin techno and rap scene in one big happening.

In the club of the Urban Spree, DJs like Grace Thompson, Chris Knipp, DJ Jordan oder Match Hoffman are gonna play a tough and hard-lined kind of techno sound which you may never have heard from them like this ever before.

What’s more ? A few new comers like Dr Double U from Belgium or the revolutionary duo Wallace & Wonker!

Whereas in the Boiler Room wich you will find in the basement, it’s gonna get hot, intimate and sweaty with the best old school hip hop tracks by Jah Fish, Rap/Funk beats thanks to the fascinating duo called The Brides and not at least live rap-vocals by Lexodus from London, with full power.

This is gonna be an awesome night, that sets every visitor on fire and in case you’re wondering – yes, you WILL dance! Whoop, whoop!

The party Rattapack with new surprises all along will then take place every first friday of the month at Urban Spree.


>>> Techno Floor <<<

Grace Thompson

Wallace & Wonker

Chris Knipp

DJ Jordan

Match Hoffman

Dr Double U

>>> Live Rap Boiler Room <<<

Lexodus (live)

Jah Fish

The Brides

Entry: 12,- €


Guido Möbius New LP “Batagur Baska” Release Party, group A, Debmaster, DJ Marius Reisser

MILK ME präsentiert:

Record Release Fest anlässlich der Veröffentlichung des neuen Albums „Batagur Baska“ (Shitkatapult) von Guido Möbius




Auf dem neuen Album von Guido Möbius ist alles organisch verwoben, versetzt oder verkantet. Häufig wechseln die Stücke des Berliners mit den rheinischen Wurzeln subtil die Stimmung, kippen etwa vom Freundlich Milden ins Düster Morbide. Oder umgekehrt. In seinen Konzerten entwirft Möbius nur mit Gitarre, Stimme, Trompete und einer Batterie von in Reihe geschalteten Effektgeräten eine hyperaktive Club-Variante seiner Musik. Unvorhersehbar mutiert etwa ein ausuferndes Techno-Funk-Stück zur Lärmwand, um dann vielleicht von einer a-capella-Passage oder Acid-Bassline abgelöst zu werden. Straff organisierte Arrangements und ausschweifende improvisierte Passagen wechseln sich ab. Jede musikalische Bewegung liegt offen, jeder Tritt auf ein Fußpedal kann vom Publikum mit vollzogen werden.



Das japanische Avant Synth Duo group A war die Überraschung des diesjährigen CTM Festivals. Tommi Tokyo (Synthesizer, Gesang, Perkussion) und Sayaka Botanic (Geige, Tapes) wurden für ihre hypnotischen Schleifen aus dunklen Synth-Bässen, digital verzerrter Stimme und scharfen Akzenten auf der Geige frenetisch gefeiert. Konzerte von group A sind Trips aus Neo-Wave, Neo-Boogie und japanischer Performancekunst. Begleitet von verstörenden Visuals nimmt die Musik der beiden Frauen aus Tokyo vom ersten bis zum letzten Moment gefangen.

Einen Tornado aus bleeps und blonks entfesselt Julien Deblois aka Debmaster in seinen Liveshows. Der Meister der tanzbaren Wackel-Bässe findet Inspiration sowohl in HipHop als auch in obskuren Genres wie Moldavian 8bit oder African Accordion. Seine Konzerte sind immer überraschend, mitreißend und durchzogen von schrägem Humor. Wie ein kräftiger Tritt in den Hintern langweiliger Bassmusik.

Wer die Boiler Room Session mit DJ Marius Reisser miterlebt hat, der weiß, dass wir es hier mit einer Club-Fachkraft erster Güte zu tun haben. Reisser besticht durch extrem wandelbare, frische Sets, die fordernd, aber nie überambitioniert daher kommen. Ein Garant für eine schweißtreibende Nacht.

Mit Videopremiere „Batagur Baska“ von Bernd Luetzeler !!!


FB Event



Concert Room : ANGSTPOP (das original)
minimal, synth, wave
djs: marko könig, andre s., hazi

djs: aimé (walhalla antwerpen) & cerrone (underground wave)


Büaladh | Techno. Noise. Kitchen Sync


Büaladh returns with an absolute whopper line up and brand new venue. More of those underground vibes emanating deep within the bowels of Urban Spree’s basement.

Kicking off the evening will be a screening Amplitude & Artifacts a video piece which supported Ben Frost during his recent 2014 irish tour.

Amplitude & Artifacts is the result of a long distance audio-visual collaboration between synth-drone duo Hooker No.1 (Rory O’Brien / Graham Lynch) and artist Kate-Bowe O’Brien. This experimental video piece had its Irish premier in the Triskel Arts Centre Cork in May 2014, opening for internationally renowned composer Ben Frost.
Have an lamp off the trailer here –

Accompanying screening this will be Ten Past Seven and Hooker No. 1 audio fiend Tarseer – bringing a plethora of big boy audio toys for our listening pleasure. As Super Hans would say “What we really need to do is create a powerful sense of dread” – expect an extremely strong cocktail of ambient and electronic experimentation.

Raumagent Alpha
Ron Schneider aka ‘Raumagent Alpha’ started banging it out in 1996 combining some lounge electronic sounds with Nasa samples from ‘Man on Moon’ from the good man Neil Armstrong and his pals. Later on he got more into club style and apparently reached a level of future funk techno setting the dancefloor on fire. Bring a fire extinguisher!

You may also know him as part of the absolutely glorious Transistors of Mercy – the synthesiser dominator crew. Look out for Ron assaulting a blow up item in this 6 hour Boiler Room bonanza! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZadlH_oR1i4)
Check out over a decade of Ron’s production –

Rory St-John
Headlining the evening’s festivities is Dublin heavyweight and Berlin resident Rory St John. Frankly if you know your techno the guy needs no introduction. Smashing the place apart with his debut 12″ on the seminal Mantrap records Rory has gone from strength to strength. Continuing that upward trajectory with releases on Limetree, Singularity, Acre and Belfast’s wicked Acroplane Records his production is frankly lethal.

Rorys gonna smash out a DJ set for us on the night but have no fear that he’ll be leaving the hardware at home, along with Swarm Intelligence he has been heavily involved in Stalker Radio, their properly ace monthly show on Future Music featuring a pandoras box of killer rhythms.

Büaladh Residents will supply the garnish with the usual assortment of crisp quality vinyl cuts. Acres of electro silk, techno blasters and break beat heavies.

Game on!

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BERLIN MUSIC WEEK | CTM present Berlin Current @ FWTB

CTM FESTIVAL BERLIN CURRENTCTM is proud to present a Berlin Current showcase at First We Take Berlin (FWTB), featuring six artists from the initiative’s ever-growing roster. The new sound of the city – Berlin Current presents young, unconventional, and experimental pop music from Berlin. A two-day showcase presented by and within the Berlin Music Week, FWTB has invited different promoters and agencies to present their newest up-and-coming talent within diverse showcases within its programme.

Berlin’s reputation as a world music capital is undisputed. Creative minds from around the world have long flocked to the city in search of advantageous conditions for their work, radically expanding Berlin’s musical diversity. But what truly adventurous sounds and musics are currently arising from the city’s maelstrom of simultaneously sounding musical styles and cultures? With Berlin Current, CTM Festival puts an ear to the scene and presents new, future-oriented musical ideas from Berlin together with Berghain, Boiler Room Berlin, BLN.FM, No Fear of Pop, ICAS, and the Musicboard Berlin.

Sarah Farina (DJ): https://soundcloud.com/sarahfarina
Ketev (live): https://soundcloud.com/ketev
Moon Wheel (live): https://soundcloud.com/moonwheel
Lief Hall (live): https://soundcloud.com/lief-hall
Phoebe Kiddo (live): https://soundcloud.com/phoebekiddo
Opium Hum (DJ): https://soundcloud.com/opiumhum

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Opening: Krake Festival 2014


Welcome to another great festival deep down!

For 2014 Krake Festival is coming up with a totally new set up. For the main event on saturday Krake Festival cooperates with the Urban Spree Gallery, which area is combined with that of Suicide Circus to offer you a massive festival place to wander around between several floors full with music and arts. A thing like this offered in the centre of the city is extraordinary and will make this year’s edition an unforgettable event. For now, here is a rough outline of the festival as a whole. More details to follow. Stay tuned!

KRAKE is an annual Berlin based fes­ti­val for chal­leng­ing elec­tronic music. Krake means octo­pus and the fes­ti­val is organ­ised in a com­pa­ra­ble way: reach­ing out to selected loca­tions dur­ing one week pre­sent­ing the best in elec­tronic music, what­ever style it is.

Tick­ets are avail­able online:
Con­tact: +49 30–89759460


Urban Spree Gallery // doors open: 20:00 // cost: 12€ Advance, 15€ Ticket Box

We open the fes­ti­val with an arty night, pre­sent­ing live per­for­mances of out­stand­ing artists. The Urban Spree Gallery is an amaz­ing venue, com­bin­ing indus­trial aes­thet­ics with a sweet, per­sonal DIY flair, per­fect for our opening.

TRANSFORMA are video artist group known for their col­lab­o­ra­tive work with Appa­rat, Dieter Meier, Alex Banks and many oth­ers. They work with images of nat­ural mate­ri­als that they pro­duce and project in real time on stage. For Krake they coop­er­ate with NACKT, a live music per­former of rarely seen qual­ity, who will impro­vise on the grand piano plus effects and other instru­ments to the mor­bid pic­tures that Trans­forma produce.

THE NEST are a group of musi­cians from Cologne and Berlin con­sist­ing of mem­bers of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Desmond Denker and Tannhäuser Ster­ben & Das Tod. “Highly min­i­mal and with due atten­tion to space and atmos­phere, ‘Music For Dri­vers’ is poised with a sharp ten­sion between con­trast­ing organic and mechan­i­cal sound sources; field record­ings lend an unpre­dictabil­ity and sense of atmos­pheric breadth while their patiently attuned play­ing paints the space between with ethe­real, oth­er­worldly strokes of syn­the­sizer, sax­o­phone and electronics, constantly mor­ph­ing between moods which are never quite just dark and light, maybe best described in terms of psy­che­delic, hal­lu­ci­na­tory light shows.” said Boomkat about their first album. We are await­ing their per­for­mance fol­low­ing their sec­ond album released in june 2014 on Album Label.

Third live act of the night KHAN takes the audi­ence into a totally dif­fer­ent direction. A nun seek­ing enlight­en­ment. Khan as a male hus­tler includ­ing his own phone sex line on 1–900 Get-Khan.  His pop fueled live shows often play­ing with gen­der roles are sought after for a reason.

As a lit­tle extra the robots tak­ing part in the TERMINATOR TOURNAMENT on sat­ur­day will be show­ing off on the robot cat­walk so you know which one to bet on!

line up:

KHAN (I’m sin­gle, album label) — live
THE NEST (album label) — live
OPIUM HUM (n≠e, boiler room)

+ show off of the robots of the


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